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2020 Guide for Designing a Website

June 17,2020

Whether you are about to build a website from scratch, or would like to revamp your existing one, there are certain design trends that you have to follow. This is to increase your website effectively and of course, to bring further growth to your business.

For those who would like to have professionally-designed web pages, it’s always best to work with a web design agency in Singapore.

Start adding gradients

For years, we’ve seen a lot of websites using minimalist approach. Less color. Less shapes. Less of everything. While being clean is still good, people seem to be bored of that same design and style. What you can do is to add gradients to your website. It still looks clean yet adds a bit of personality to your page.

Use free-hand illustrations

Another technique that seems to be working right now is the use of free-hand drawings. Hire an expert to do unique illustrations for your website. This can make your website unique. Plus, even adults are still fascinated by such illustrations.

Adding these free-hand illustrations can somehow position your company as more relaxed. Now, if you are providing professional services, you can still use this approach and just balance it out.

Use video headers

We cannot stress enough how important videos are. Use that to your advantage when designing your website. However, if you are not a fan of using videos, then creating graphics with micro-animations should do the trick.

Have a dark UI

A lot of companies right now are creating multiple versions of their app or website. Having said that, the user can choose if they want to go ‘dark mode’. You see, these are some people who favor darker interface as these are generally easy on the eyes. Plus, it conserves battery. You might want to consider that as well.

Accessibility features

Always consider that you have different visitors. Some might not be physically capable to use your website at its normal design. What you can do is to add more features like voice command. At least even those who are blind will be able to enjoy browsing through your web pages.

Think about your content

And of course, your content really matters. Your layout and features would be useless if your content isn’t well thought out. So, you need to provide quality images and compelling texts to engage your visitors.

Mobile responsive design

Your website might look good on laptop and desktop computers, but that’s not enough if you want an effective website design. It has to look good on mobile devices, and the experience must be optimal as well.  In case you haven’t noticed, millions of people are using their mobile phones to basically do everything online. Whether they are browsing their social media feed or paying bills online, they do that on their hand-held gadgets.

If your website isn’t made for smaller device, it can be a major turnoff for users. It’s crucial that you work on simpler layouts that will fit into smaller screens. Think about the buttons if these can be easily accessed. These little things matter.


Creating a web design is a tedious task. While there are free templates to enjoy, these will not guarantee success. Again, work with a web design agency in Singapore to ensure that your website will represent your brand the best way possible.