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4 Things Every SEO Expert Needs to Know

July 01,2019

If you are going to hire the services of an SEO expert in Singapore, there are certain things that you have to look for. You need to have a checklist to see if he/she fits your website needs. That is why we have come up with this post.

  • An SEO expert must be updated

SEO today is far more different five years ago. In fact, it’s different from just a couple of years ago. Search engines are actually transparent in saying that they make changes almost every day. Why are we saying this? It’s because we want you to understand that an SEO expert must be updated with current trends. One should know about the algorithm updates so they can come up with effective strategies based on what search engines are doing.

  • He/She should be analytical

Your SEO expert must be analytical. Apart from knowing the trends, he/she should be able to identify what works well. In that case, he needs to regularly monitor your website content and other social media accounts to see if there are things to be updated. He/she should answer if there is anything that needs to be changed.

  • They must have a technical know-how

While we are not saying that SEO experts must learn how to write codes, it is essential that they know its bearing to your website. The advantage of an SEO expert with technical background is that they can easily work with the developer because they speak a common language. They can swiftly make changes on your website such as page speed, HTML tags, and redirects.

  • An SEO expert in Singapore must understand the market

And lastly, your SEO expert must also understand the market. Apart from being an SEO expert, he/she needs to have the hat of a marketing expert. With this, it is easier to suggest the best contents and features for your website and social media accounts. It’s not just about copying the styles of other businesses. They should give importance to extensive market research.

Now that you know what an SEO expert should possess, let’s talk about the warning signs you have to watch out for.

  • They offer ‘too-good-to-be-true’ services

Some SEO experts will over promise to their client. They say that a website can rank easily or that they can make changes in a short amount of time. If that’s what they are telling you, think twice. SEO is hard work. It’s not something that you can achieve overnight. It takes a lot of dedication, planning, and research. Those who are saying that they can do it right away is telling a lie.

  • No actual proof of success stories

It’s better if your SEO expert can share actual success stories. They can show the websites, provide you with their plans, and even give you client references. The last one is crucial so you can touch base with the previous clients. This is so you can also manage your expectations once you work with the SEO expert.

Hopefully this post will help you and feel free to read our other articles to learn more.