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5 Insane but True Facts About Digital Marketing

October 03,2017

Digital marketing has changed over the years with the biggest transformation yet happening recently with the rise of mobile search over desktop search. Things have always evolved so rapidly that digital marketers that have not been flexible with their approach and have strictly adhered to their previous tactics are bound to fail in the long run.

Here are 5 insane but true facts about digital marketing that you probably did not know:

  • Digital marketing companies create an action plan to improve the online presence of their clients. One of the most important tactics has been to have a responsive design or mobile-friendly website. This makes sure that the client website performs well for mobile search as well as desktop search. Good customer experience is now the top priority.
  • Another important part of digital marketing strategy is social media marketing. Some companies have separate teams to handle other digital platforms and social media. The digital marketing company finds out where a larger part of the client’s audience is to make sure that their client has a good profile on that platform and actively engages with the audience.
  • Local search is also given a lot of importance in digital marketing these days. Companies have their local listings on search engines and also run PPC campaigns to target audience in their area or city. This technique has been a game-changer for many companies.
  • Building an email list is important for the success of a business especially if it wants to have a strong business without relying on its search ranking. Digital marketing companies can help their clients by using heat maps to show them the areas that will work the best for Newsletter sign-up forms, free e-book “subscribe” buttons, etc.
  • A clean layout and intuitive navigation are important for a website to see success with the customers. If a visitor is confused with the layout or has too many visuals distracting him, he is more likely to leave. Not only is this bad for the business directly as well as the bounce rate of the website, it also wipes out all the good work done in bringing the visitor to the website in the first place. A digital marketing company can give suggestions to make sure that their client’s website is not a “visitor-repeller.”