Why your Social Media Strategy is not Working (and How to Fix It)


5 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Is not Working (and How to Fix It)

July 03,2019

Social media can do great things for your business. If you use it correctly, you can generate leads and eventually, sales. However, if you commit the common mistakes, then all your efforts will be put into waste.

Avoid it.

Here’s why it is a must that you read this article. We will tell you the reasons why your social media strategy isn’t working. And of course, we will provide you the best ways on how you can fix it.

  • You don’t have a goal

One of the reasons why your social media tactics aren’t working is because you haven’t defined a goal. Mostly you are just posting random things with high hopes that it will create traction. Well, to tell you the truth, it is not impossible for your posts to go viral. But the chances are too slim. If you want a guaranteed result, make sure that you have a goal. Ask yourself or your team, “What do you want to achieve from this?”. This is crucial because all the materials you will be using moving forward will be focusing on your goal. Have something to aim at and be consistent.

If you need help, then work with a social media company in Singapore where you can create the best plans for your business objective.

  • You don’t have a target audience

Like in traditional marketing, it is important that you know your audience. Not all materials will sit well with your demographics. By narrowing your target audience, you can create stronger and more effective plans for them. Having a market which is too broad can be very difficult to understand.

  • You fail to track your progress

Your social media strategy might look good on paper, but there are times that it might not work according to your expectations. If that happens, you need to re-do your strategy based on real time data and facts. That is why you badly need a social media company in Singapore. They could regularly monitor your social media accounts and they can provide better solutions on how you can tap your market.

  • You do the same technique across all social media platforms

Another mistake that most people do is to create just one strategy for all social media avenues. The thing is, it doesn’t work that way. What works in Facebook might be different from Instagram, or Twitter, or Linkedin. You need experts to guide you on this. Doing this on your own might work, but it will be based on trial and error. That could waste your time and effort.

  • You don’t engage with your audience

And lastly, you don’t engage with your audience. Remember, you are using social media so you can connect with your audience easily. If you just ignore their messages, feedback, or comments, then going on social media is useless. Also, do not try to remove negative feedback. Instead, explain your side. Be factual and do not attack the person who left the comment. Be transparent to your market and they will realize that your brand can be trusted.