How to Increase Brand Engagement Using Social Media


5 Tips to Increase Brand Engagement Using Social Media

May 18,2020

Brand engagement can certainly go a long way. This is not just getting more followers or one-time customers. You are also building a pool of loyal clients.

And that’s the reason why a lot of companies use this strategy to build a strong following and of course, to generate sales. But how are you going to use social media to improve your brand engagement?

Building Brand Engagement Using Social Media

Obviously, the easiest solution is to work with a social media marketing agency. However, there are some strategies that you can already do even without the help of experts. Let us share with you some of those:

  • Create your own community

What’s good with social media nowadays is that you create groups or communities. This is a great way to gather people with the same interest. Now, take note that managing a community is different from managing a business page.

When you have a community, you are talking about a specific topic and not a brand. For example, your core business is about career coaching. Your community can be focused on building a career or career opportunities around the globe.

Allow your group members to share their insights and acknowledge their ideas as well. Everyone in your group can potentially provide value and you must take advantage of that.

And while it is good to promote your services there, it doesn’t mean you have to do it on every post and every image. Otherwise, people will start leaving your community.

  • Have a Q&A live session

Doing live streaming on social media is highly-effective right now. And to encourage engagement, you can schedule a Q&A session.

  • Share contents from other people

Another great technique to improve brand engagement is to share contents made by other people. If you already have a solid or strong following on your business page, you can choose valuable posts from your loyal customers. Don’t forget to tag them and to thank them. Just so you know, consumers love that feeling of being involved in the brand.

  • Work with micro-influencers

You might think that it’s more effective to work with big social media influencers. In reality, micro-influencers are already dominating the market. You can work with these people and get reviews for your products and services.

According to studies, more people trust these micro-influencers compared to bigger names and celebrities. And just in case you get negative reviews, use that to improve your offering.

  • Personalize your response

So, for example, somebody commented on your post or provided a feedback. We recommend that you personalize your response. Instead of just LIKING their comments and using cookie-cutter responses, let them feel that there is a real person behind the brand.


Take note that brand engagement is not a one-off task. It needs to be done religiously for it to be effective. And while you can do it say, once a week, the results will be a whole lot better if you allow a social media marketing agency to handle it for you. They will monitor and manage your brand engagement strategies every single day. Plus, people want fast responses. If you are too late in doing so, it can be a major turn-off.