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5 Traits of a Trustworthy Video Production Company

July 23,2021

If you are running a marketing campaign, or simply want to document your life’s precious moments, hiring a video production company in Singapore is always a good call. However, you need to know that not all companies are created equal. It is a must that you do your due diligence before signing an agreement. If you are not careful enough, you might be paying for a video production that will not meet your expectations.

We’ll share with you 5 things that you need to look for when hiring a video production company.

They have Years of Experience Under their Belt

It’s important to check how many years a video production company has been in the industry. This is not an absolute gauge but could give you an idea of their experience. The longer they are working with different people, the more techniques they could offer.

They have Serviced Different Clients

You must also check their past and the current pool of clients. If you are a company, better evaluate if they could handle your needs and if they are well-versed in your market. For personal projects, know what type of videos they have already accomplished.

They have the Right Equipment

Sure, you can now create videos using smartphones. But nothing beats taking videos using professional cameras. These are intended to have the best quality perfect if you are to use it for marketing purposes.

They are Creative and Provide Suggestions

While they should always respect your ideas, they too must be proactive in sharing their thoughts. With years of experience, they must know what shots and ideas work best for the audience. They always reflect your thoughts in the project, and at the same time, add value by putting their own creativity.

They don’t just take orders, but they work as if they are your real partners in producing high-quality videos.

They are Good Communicators

When looking for a video production company in Singapore, you must work with someone that communicates well. They must know how to relay their ideas, and at the same time, listen to what you want.

And since we are dealing with professionals, you must be able to contact them whenever you need to clarify anything related to the project.

How to Find the Right Video Production Company in Singapore?

Today, there are a lot of companies claiming that they are the best. But to ensure that they will deliver, you can take a look at their portfolio. Apart from that, see if they could provide you with references. Call their previous clients and ask about their work in general. This is not limited to the final output, but rather the entire experience. Here are a few questions you can ask before you decide on getting the services.

    • What type of project did they make?
    • How long did it take for them to finish the video production?
    • What is their process for completing the project?
    • How much is their standard fee?
    • What are the inclusions for the video production?

It might take time to find the perfect video production company in Singapore. But at the end of the day, you would want to work with the best, wouldn’t you?