5 Effective Ways to Use Facebook Marketing


5 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

July 31,2020

One of the cardinal rules in marketing is to know where your audiences are so you can focus your campaign. This has been effective in traditional marketing, more so for online marketing. And if there is one place where online users ‘meet’ or ‘hang around’, the obvious answer is Facebook.

It’s a social media platform that has wide demographics. And this is good for a business owner like you. But you know, marketing on Facebook isn’t as simple as you think. It is imperative that you know the right strategies so you can promote your brand effectively and efficiently.

In this post, we will share with you 5 ways on how you can maximize Facebook to market your business in Singapore.

Promoting Your Brand in Singapore through Facebook Marketing

Create Your Facebook Page

A common mistake of most brands is creating a personal Facebook account bearing their company name. But why would you do such if creating a business page has more benefits?

You can add your company information, boost ads, and even have an access on real-time data.  These things are not available if you use a personal account.

Maximize Paid Facebook Marketing Campaigns and Ads

What’s also good about using Facebook for marketing in Singapore is that you get to target your audience. The results are more certain compared to when you advertise without proper targeting.

You see in the old days, traditional marketing entails months of research to understand the market behavior. That’s the only time you can create materials that are suitable for them. But even so, the results are not drastic. But with Facebook, just choose your demographics, and your ads will be visible to the right people. That’s saving a lot time, not to mention money and effort.

We actually encourage you to use Sponsored Stories. The concept is like a word-of-mouth where a user will see what his or her friends recently ‘liked’.

Announce Promotions and Contests

Since Facebook is used by millions of people, it’s also a great avenue to run contests and promotions. Naturally, we love joining competitions whether online or offline. Use that to your advantage and encourage participants to ask their network to like and share your page. By doing so, you are having more followers and brand awareness follows.

Facebook Exchange

This is another feature that Facebook marketers use. By Facebook Exchange, the advertisers can retarget users through real-time bidding.

So, for example, a user visited a Facebook page but failed to complete a purchase. The marketer can redisplay an advertisement of that same product, which of course will persuade the user to buy right away.

Back in the days, these ads were placed on the sides. But things have changed and you can now see these ads in the actual news feeds – making it more visible.

Building a Community

Online users crave for engagement and that is why businesses create Facebook communities in addition to their pages. However, always try to balance your content. In reality, no one wants to join a community that is heavy on promotions. They want to be involved in a group wherein people have the same interests and that it continuously provides value to its members.


Facebook is ever-changing. They always find ways to connect brands and its target audience. And that is why you need to be updated with the latest Facebook marketing strategies that you can use for your business in Singapore. Otherwise, your will be left behind in the competition.