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All About Facebook Optimization and it’s Importance For Your Business

July 21,2021

Optimizing Facebook is one of the most important online marketing tactics, but only a few uses it to their advantage. That’s not surprising because the majority of small business owners manage their own social media pages. More often than not, they are not knowledgeable on the best practices.

However, if you want to maximize the benefits social media platform, working with a Facebook marketing company in Singapore is your best course of action.

Benefits of Optimizing Facebook for your Business

Let’s provide you the benefits of properly optimizing your Facebook for your operations.

You Can Build a Marketing Strategy According to your Budget

What’s good with Facebook is that you can create a marketing strategy that fits best with your budget. You can hyper target your audience to ensure that your key messages are delivered to the right people.

Years ago, when marketers use traditional marketing, they would often place their collaterals in the most populated area such as train stations or taxi bay. This is an attempt to expose the brand to as many people as possible. But that’s hard to measure. You can never guess which segments of the market saw your ads. You might be throwing a lot of money, and you don’t even realize it.

The case is different with Facebook and its feature to target your audience. Every dollar spent is worth it.

You can Introduce your Brand through Logo, Cover Image, and About Us

If you wish to optimize your Facebook business page, make sure to add the necessary details such as your logo, cover image, and don’t forget to add your about us section. Use the right resolution for your images too. You can use the guide below.

    • Logo: 360px x 360px
    • Cover photo for computer: 820px by 320px
    • Cover photo for mobile: 640px by 360px

With this technique, you are introducing your brand to the market the right way. Thereby inviting them to like and follow your page.

You Can Share your Blog Posts through Facebook

If you do not have a blog page for your business, it’s time that you create one. It’s a great technique to win clients as you provide valuable information.

Don’t forget to share the links on Facebook to help boost your search engine ranking. Plus, it helps you reach more people too. They can easily like and share your links, and the traction could be bigger.

Working with Social Media Influencers is Easier

There’s no stopping influencers nowadays. In fact, micro-influencers are more effective. You can partner with them so you can tap more people. And with your Facebook page, your campaign could reach greater heights.

Take note that most people believe that micro-influencers genuinely promote products and services they trust. And that is why they follow their lead. As for you, leverage on that and use Facebook to amplify your campaign.

You can also use Keywords on your Facebook Page

Just so you know, you can place the right keywords in different sections of your Facebook Page. This includes About Us, Business Description, Headline, Captions, and Posts. If a Facebook user types a certain keyword, your business page might show up, provided that you have optimized it.

But make sure not to overdo it or to practice keyword stuffing.

You Can Take Advantage of Facebook Live and Stories

When using Facebook Live and Stories, maximize your 20-seconds by adding sounds. You should also choose the right images that complements your message. Don’t forget to place your call-to-action and keep your message succinct. And as much as possible, avoid using technical terms that could scare potential customers.

Many Facebook users are now looking at the ‘stories’ rather than their newsfeed. Make sure you have presence here too.

Don’t Forget To Maximize Paid Advertising

While you can post free contents on your Facebook page, you should also capitalize on paid advertising. Set goals, do split tests, think about your ad placements, and know how to remarket.

It may sound overwhelming for now, and that’s why you need to work with Facebook marketing company in Singapore. They can guide you on the best practices that could guarantee results.