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All You Need To Know About Link Building

July 26,2021

If you have been reading tips on how to improve your website’s SEO, you have probably seen that link building is one of the best tools. But how much do you know about this technique? Look no further as we have the most important information for you.

What Is Link Building?  

When we say link building, it refers to the process of getting other websites to link back to yours. If your website is always used by others as a reference, search engine crawlers will perceive your page as an authority for the niche. Thereby increasing your chance of being on the front page of Google, Bing, and other major players.

Spend Time Working On Your Content  

In today’s age, a lot of companies and brands look for content writers to fill their websites with posts and articles. That’s a good move. However, you should remember that quality content is a must. It should be substantial so that other people will actually use your link.

Instead of just trying to hit the number of words and using keywords on your articles, think of your readers first. Identify what they would want and need to know and focus on that. It will naturally help you gain traction.

Maximize Infographics 

According to experts, infographics are powerful if you wish to increase organic traffic. So apart from spending time writing your content, hiring a good graphic designer that could translate your texts into a compelling visual.

Most of the time, the best SEO company in Singapore has their own team of writers and graphic designers.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Guest Blogging  

Some say that guest blogging is dead. But the best SEO company in Singapore will not agree to that.

Guest blogging is still effective, most especially if you are featured in an already established website. You increase your online visibility from there. In addition, most websites that open their page for guest bloggers will allow you to include links and even a short bio. You can take advantage of that and direct them to your own website.

Be More Active On Social Media  

We can’t think how many times we’ve said this but- Social Media is Powerful! And as someone who’s working on your link-building strategy, you should include this to boost engagement. Create your brand’s page and feel free to share your links and posts here. Make the headline interesting and use original featured images to capture one’s attention.

Find Broken Links  

This strategy might be tedious, but it works. What you can do is to look at different blog pages and check the backlinks. If you see that there are broken links, reach out to the website owner and offer your link that provides similar information. Just so you know, broken links are not good for websites. And a website owner will appreciate that you took the liberty of checking the links for them.

Truth be told, link building is not a feat for amateurs. If you want to reap its benefits, we suggest that you work with the best SEO Company in Singapore. It’s not an overnight success, but a consistent and well-thought-out strategy, it shall benefit your website. Before you know it, your web pages will be at the top page of search engines – which is always the ultimate goal.