Fake SEO Claims that you Should Stay Away From


Avoid Getting Burned By Escaping the SEO Scam

January 30,2017

With digital world expanding every day, the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is getting more and more sought after. And why won’t it be! The sole reason of having a digital presence is getting traffic on one’s website. But over years, many self-titled SEO experts have started making unrealistic promises and guaranteed rankings. Website owners get trapped into such claims end up burning their digital businesses.

The best defense against such scams is education about this subject. But most small business owners neither have the time nor resources to become experts. The least we could do is to make you aware of fake SEO claims that you should stay away from.

  • Guaranteed rankings: assertions like “Guaranteed first page ranking on Google” or “Guaranteed #1 ranking on all search engines” are simply impossible to substantiate. The thing that should be noted ‘with a permanent ink’ is ‘that there are no guarantees in the SEO industry.’
  • They know someone inside Google: plain lie! The way search engines work is purely based on a bunch of complex algorithms and no personal relationship is going to help here.
  • Secret strategies or tricks: hmm… is Harry Potter involved too? SEO firms claiming ‘secret techniques’ are likely to practice black hat SEO methods, which will get your site banned by major search engines after some time.

The best way to fetch more visitors is to use organic SEO techniques, so ask your SEO Singapore Company to explain and employ them. And whenever you meet SEO representatives making any tall claims, make sure to have your running shoes on!