Reasons for not avoiding SEO in Business


Avoiding SEO Can Be Harmful for your Business

May 21,2020

When you are running a business, it is natural that you focus on the products or the services that you offer. However, you should also remember that SEO plays a huge role in your business’ growth. Even if you have the best products and yet you are not visible online, you are on your way to losing customers.

This post will tell you why avoiding SEO can be detrimental for your operations. It will make you realize that you need a top SEO in Singapore.

Effects of not using SEO

Let’s just provide you with two major effects if you avoid SEO.

Less website traffic  

When you don’t use SEO for your website, you cannot maximize your potential reach. Even if you have the right contents, these will all be useless because nobody can see it. Imagine all the time and money you wasted for building your website.

Generally, when people use search engines, they will just click the websites on the first page. The rest will be ignored. They have this impression that the websites on the first page are the most reliable and the market-leaders. If yours fall on the succeeding pages, they will think of your company as inferior to others (even if it isn’t the case).

Losing sales

And since people are not able to see your website, you are essentially losing a lot of potential sales. Maybe you are doing great with offline purchases. But imagine what e-commerce can do to your business. You can even go global if you are still servicing a local market right now.

Just by not using SEO, you are stopping your business from growing. And as an entrepreneur, we don’t think that’s the direction you want to take.

What if you just stopped SEO after using it for months?

Say, for example, you hired a top SEO in Singapore and then stopped using their services. What could happen next?

Well, in the first few months, you won’t notice much of a difference. Your website might probably stay on top for quite some time. That’s the beauty of SEO as it gives you long-term results. However, if you do not manage it, your website will slowly go down its ranking and before you know it, your competitors have already filled in your spot.

This is the reason why we recommend that you maintain SEO for your website. Not guarding your spot and losing your ranking means you have to go back to step one.

Choosing the Top SEO in Singapore

We understand that there are hundreds, even thousands of companies offering SEO services. And you are probably asking how to choose the right one. Well, the first solution is to ask your network. Look for recommendations because at least, they can already testify on the quality of service.

If you do not have the right network, then searching online is a good idea as well. Just type ‘SEO service in Singapore’ or similar keywords to find the best companies to work for you. The mere fact that these companies rank in the niche means that it can do the same for your website.


SEO is here to stay. It is not a one-time service that you can forget. It’s ever-changing and ever-growing. Make sure that you maintain yours and continuously grow your business.