5 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2021


Best Strategies for SEO Optimization

May 02,2017

Digital marketing has revolutionized the business world in just a short span of time. Speaking of a commercial hub like Singapore where the digital marketing is constantly evolving at a fast pace, if your company is left behind, it can be dangerous. Digital marketing is about connecting with people. For this, you need to stay updated about industry trends and should have the capability to capitalize on the same. This is where tools like search engine optimization and social media marketing come into the scene.

SEO determines the ability of your website content, or web page to appear in the results generated by a search engine. A large part of the web traffic, not only in Singapore but in other parts of the world, is driven by major search engines like Google. So you can just imagine the number of websites that show up on google for a single keyword or search phrase. Therefore, if the website of your company is not optimised as per the necessary parameters, it will be hard for web users to find you as the search engines may be ranking you on their umpteenth page. This may mean losing out on tons of opportunities for new sales via organic web traffic. In a competitive landscape like Singapore, SEO optimization is must

With Google making constant changes in its algorithm here are some best strategies for SEO optimization in Singapore: 

  • The use of full sentences and phrases to search for useful content is increasing every day. Therefore the best strategy is to focus on a few key phrases or topics that are critical to your company.
  • The best way to optimize your page headline is by putting the keyword at its beginning.
  • In addition to the headline, search engines use the words in a page’s URL to decide if it is relevant to the search at hand. So if can edit the structure of your URLs, make sure that you are including relevant keywords in it.
  • Search engine spiders don’t read each word. Instead of it, they scan some parts of your post like the headline, sub-headers, text of images, and anchor text (the highlighted word or phrase that is used to insert a hyperlink). Make the most of these parameters for your website.
  • As per statistics, more than 25 percent of all internet search traffic is driven by mobile devices. That is the reason why Google has actually started deprioritizing websites and blogs in search rankings that are not mobile optimized. Make sure you design your website to be mobile friendly and responsive.

All the best for your online marketing endeavors!