Check out how an indoor skydiving website thrived during the pandemic with the right social media marketing strategies


With our digital marketing strategies, we increased the monthly SEO traffic by 144% after a year of SEO optimization. Likewise, we reduced the CPC by 2.5 times and increased CTR to double digits for Google Ads. And lastly, we increased their social media engagement on Facebook.


The major challenge of this project is to continuously grow the traffic and leads despite the pandemic. As there are travel restrictions and health protocols, there is almost no tourists visiting the facility.

The Client

IFly is an indoor skydiving facility in Singapore. Amidst the pandemic, there was a fear of losing their online visibility as there were no visitors. Our team helped in ensuring that there is an ongoing traffic to their website.


For iFly Singapore, we were worked on most of the key digital marketing tasks. This includes SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing.

By using our theme-based structure for SEO, we were able to explore more long tailed keywords. This further optimized and increased their organic traffic.

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