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Choosing the Best SEO Company in Singapore to Help Boost Your Business Rankings

May 03,2019

Search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and—of course, the greatest of them all—Google reward websites that are easy to use. Naturally, these are websites that have high usability. That said, Google prioritizes websites that aren’t only abundant in keywords, but also pose significant engagement with users.

Technically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking becomes better as users visit and linger on your website longer. SEO also improves when people open more tabs, and become repeat site visitors. The more your website is user-friendly, the likelier this is to happen.

Here are a few elements that not only better your website traffic, but also aid in developing your SEO rankings:

Premium, relevant, and well-curated content is important:

The amount of time someone spends on your site is called dwell time. This can very much affect one’s SEO ranking. When you work with the best SEO company Singapore has, this won’t definitely be a problem. When you make useful content available, it’s only logical for people to stay on your site much longer, as mentioned. Based on prior data, content with articles containing two thousand words seem to rank the best on Google.

Best remember, though, that word count isn’t what determines SEO traffic. If what you have to offer isn’t useful to anyone, then no one will read it. This is exactly why relevant information to your audience is necessary. Add to that the fact that if your articles are much longer, you’re able to incorporate more keywords, outbound links, and useful information for your readers.

Another reason why brands should invest in creating significant content is so people bookmark your site. The more people do that, the higher your chances of ranking better on Google. While basic, not every SEO company can achieve this for clients. This is also why choosing the best SEO company in Singapore is very important.

The loading speed of a page is crucial:

Both Bing and Google factor in, very hugely, the speed of page-loading when it comes to website algorithms. Users may not stay very long in your site if they’re exposed to slow-loading content; which, in turn, will also damage your dwell time. On top of that, slow-loading pages reduce your site’s number of views per page and even boost your bounce rate. All these elements are harmful if you’re determined to better your SEO ranking.

There are a variety of methods to improve the speed time of your page loads, a few of which consist of making sure your codes are streamlined and clean, caching and decreasing the plug-ins, optimizing the sizes of your images, and reducing the redirects.

Don’t ignore header tags:

No one appreciates a wall of text.

Great formatting helps better one’s website user experience excessively. It lets your audience want to read more of your content and possibly even come back to your site. The proper usage of header tags can assist you in dividing your write-ups and turn them into segments that are much easier to digest for a reader.

All these things should be easy for any competent SEO company. Singapore is a place that’s full of great leader digital marketing companies—the challenge is finding the best one share your brand’s vision!