Digital Marketing Strategy for SME in Singapore


Digital Marketing Strategy for SME

April 06,2021

Businesses of all sizes should take advantage of online marketing or what we often call, digital marketing. Without a well thought out plan, your business might fall behind. In fact, if you don’t take digital marketing seriously, you are going to miss huge business opportunities.

We have to say, hiring the services of a digital marketing company Singapore locals use can be beneficial for your operations. At least you would be able to plot the right tactics that could help your venture be more visible online. Eventually, this could help you get quality leads and sales.

However, we want to teach you a number of digital marketing concepts. That way, you can work well with a digital marketing company in Singapore. At least you would be able to pitch in what your objectives are, making the entire process easier and faster.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Most of us are aware that Facebook and Instagram are considered social media giants. If your company does not have a presence in these platforms, you are missing a lot.

And apart from having your business accounts, you should maximize their advertising features. The beauty of these two is that you can configure or target your market when doing advertisements. That means you can maximize every dollar spent on your posts. You would know that it will be shown to the intended audience.

Google My Business

When working with a digital marketing company in Singapore, they should include a strategy for Google My Business. This is ideal, most especially for SMEs as you naturally target local people looking within your area.

With Google My Business listings, it includes your business profile, Google maps, and reviews. And if your listing goes on top of the search engine, it can generate actual sales either online or offline.

Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard this but, Content is King. Sounds cliché and overused but building great content for your business can help with your digital marketing strategy.

When a digital marketing company in Singapore works on your content, it means they are going to publish and distribute quality and relevant content with the intent to attract more customers. Take note that you must do your content regularly. If you do not have new information to share with your audience, it can eventually turn them off.

This is precisely the reason companies build their own blog pages. It is where they could add their regular content and deliver valuable information to their followers.

Unfortunately, many websites and business owners do not understand that quality is important in their content. And that is why they publish mediocre articles, thinking that it could catapult their business to the top spot in search engines. In reality, they are doing more harm than good.

If you think you cannot write regular content for your business, then working with a digital marketing company in Singapore could help. Often, they have a pool of expert writers that can do the heavy lifting for you.

Email Marketing

Some people say that email marketing is dead. But we beg to differ. In fact, email marketing is here to say. After all, most people who go online would usually check their emails first before anything else. However, if you are to take this route, make sure that your email newsletter is worth reading. It needs to have a compelling headline, an interesting body, and even a layout that is pleasing the eyes.


All the things we have mentioned here can be overwhelming. And yes, it could eat up your time. Instead of doing these on your own, hire the services of a digital marketing company in Singapore and get results the fastest possible time.