How to Drive Organic Traffic with SEO?


Drive Organic Traffic to your Website with the Help of Search Engine Optimization

August 28,2020

Are you looking for ways to improve your organic traffic? Look no more as we have a quick list for you. This should help you with your search engine optimization strategy in Singapore.

Best Ways to Increase Organic Reach

Use Social Media

Social media is just too powerful and you should use that to your advantage. Whenever you have new promos and new blog posts on your website, we recommend that you share it on social media. Most people are engaged in Facebook and Instagram. Placing your links there will increase the chances of getting organic visitors.

Don’t forget LinkedIn. We understand that it’s targeted for professionals and that’s actually the core reason why we encourage you to post your content there. People in LinkedIn are highly interested on so many things and they will read your entire post.

Diversify your content

To be honest, there’s no perfect formula in creating content. But what we can recommend is to create different materials. If you want to write informative and long blog posts, go ahead. However, you can also use videos, charts, and even infographics.

Take time to think about your headlines and caption

Some people would focus too much on their content that they forget how important headlines and captions are. This is what the audience will first see, and if it is not intriguing or interesting enough, don’t expect that they will visit your page.

Create new content regularly

One effective and timeless search engine optimization strategies in Singapore is that you need to provide fresh and relevant content. So, if you are just writing post every month, it will unlikely gain the right traction.

Now, this isn’t an easy task and if you are not an expert in building content, you might want to outsource it and focus on your other responsibilities.

In addition, we’ve seen a lot of content from different websites that are of bad quality. It’s as if they are doing it for one plain reason – to rank. But that’s not going to work long term. If you want to stay on top, you have to provide valuable information. That’s how you can build a genuine following and organic reach.

Write for other websites

Guest blogging is still alive and it works. You might want to submit your articles to authority websites and digital publishing companies. Don’t forget to add your bio and your company link. If people see that you are well-versed in your industry and the market, they will naturally check out your website.

Work with other leaders 

If possible, send out letters to people who are prominent in your industry. Schedule an interview with them. Since they already have a good number of followers, you can leverage on that. You would be surprised that these people welcome interviews. So, don’t get intimidated and send your message right away.

Make your website mobile responsive

Since most people use their phones for their online activities, your website should be mobile responsive. It should provide that seamless web browsing experience as if they are using a laptop or a desktop.


These things are not easy to complete. And that’s why we recommend that you look for a search engine optimization company in Singapore that can do the heavy lifting. They can assess what your website needs to generate traffic. As for your spare time, you can use it to build your business further. It’s definitely a win for you.