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Essential Points to Consider When Hiring an SEO Consultant

July 06,2019

By now you have probably realized that SEO is essential for your website. And perhaps you’re even on a quest to find the perfect consultant. While it is easy to claim that one is an SEO expert, you should know what exactly to look for. Some are just pretending to be an expert and you might end up losing a lot of money, time, and effort. Don’t let that happen.

That’s why we have created this post so you can find the best SEO consultant in Singapore.

  • Ask for the experience

We are not only talking about the years of experience, we also want to check one’s portfolio. We are after the quality of the work. See if most of the projects gave positive results.

If you must know, SEO changes overtime. What works 10 years ago might not work today. Thus, it is important that you check if a consultant is up to date. He might be working for a long time but he can be using old techniques that would be useless for your website.

  • Are they too good to be true?

If the SEO consultant in Singapore tells you that he/she can rank your page instantly, then you might want to widen your options. Truth be told, you can’t really tell how much time you need to rank your website. It takes a lot of effort and strategy. Normally, you need to wait for half a year or even longer to rank.

What you can do is to ask the SEO consultant about the plan. If he/she can’t define at least a general framework for a strategy, then it’s about time to search for a new consultant to work on your website.

  • Ask for client reviews

It isn’t enough that you check the client reviews found on the website of an SEO consultant. Honestly, anyone can create a ‘dummy’ review to win clients. You have to be aware of that. What you can do to learn real feedback is to ask for at least 3 references from the SEO Consultant in Singapore. Quickly call them up and ask for their honest review.

While there might be a number of negative feedback, it shouldn’t discourage you to get the services of a consultant. You just need to check if the positive reviews can outweigh the negative ones.

  • Consider your budget

Most of us have a fixed budget when it comes to improving our website. It would help if you are honest with your SEO consultant about the money that you will spend for the project. Most of the time, the consultants can provide you a scope of work that is tailored-fit to your budget. They can already tell what to expect from it.

Being honest with your budget when looking for an SEO consultancy is ideal if you are still on the ‘searching’ phase. This is so you can compare the services they can offer based on your allocated budget. But again, let’s go back to the previous tips wherein you have to think twice if the offer is too good to be true.