Facebook Marketing in Singapore | Things to Remember (Part - 1)


Facebook Marketing in Singapore – Three ‘P’s To Remember (Part1)

January 03,2017

When it comes to Facebook marketing in Singapore, most businesses attempt to hire the very best agency that they can afford. The idea behind such investments into FB based promotions is simple – this social medial platform is one of the most potent avenues available for you to showcase your business. It is also the most volatile of them all which is why it is extremely important that you hire the very best social media agency in Singapore with the widest possible industry experience and best possible creative team to handle your campaign. However, even the best experts will not be able to generate any tangible results from a promotional campaign unless the 3 Ps of Facebook marketing are adhered to. Let’s see what these are:


Creating the right posts to upload on your Facebook Business page is of prime importance. Your page is the one medium through which your customers and followers can stay connected with your brand. Regular posting on the page with relevant and engaging content is therefore, extremely important to recapture the attention of your followers and refreshing their memory about your brand. The right Facebook marketing Singapore agency can help you come up with creative and interesting things to put up on your page – images, text, updates, insights, infographics, quotes, videos – just about anything that your existing followers will like to read or watch. In simple words, POSTING quality content under the guidance of your marketing agency will help you retain the likes you already have on your page.

Stay tuned for our next post for more essentials to include in your business Facebook marketing campaign.