3 Effective Facebook Marketing Tips for Businesses


Facebook Marketing Tips for Businesses

March 04,2017

If you want your business content to reach consumers, having a presence on Facebook is a must. As a business tool, Facebook has been dominating the world of marketing owing to the extensive reach, one-to-one communication and overall effectiveness. However, because of the sheer longevity of these campaigns, you may find yourself struggling to always come up with new content and new plans for your company or brand’s Facebook page.

Facebook marketing companies in Singapore however, can handle this task for you with ease. And to make the most of your Facebook page, to attract and engage visitors, drive them to your website, and convert them into paying customers, you need to optimize your Facebook existence. The following tips will assist you with increasing engagement with Facebook marketing efforts:


The choice of timing of your Facebook post is somewhat to seriously consider. Take a look at your audience, and note their behavior and preference. Think about the time of the day when your audience is most likely to be online and active on the website. These are the times when you should strive to get your post out.


The advantages of adding images to your Facebook posts are just too many. The following are seven extremely helpful tips for your Facebook pictures:

  • Share images of real people
  • Focus on faces
  • Use lifestyle imagery, rather than product imagery
  • Be brief
  • Encourage short responses
  • Create image galleries


People love free stuff as well as the possibility of winning. The excitement of potentially getting something for free is a great motivation, and would most likely have little real cost for your business when compared with the social media and brand awareness pay out.

Use the above three factors to design the perfect ad campaign for your brand.