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    Facebook Marketing

    Facebook Marketing – An Effective Social Media Marketing Tool

    Why Us

    <pclass=”ta”>At Incepte Pte Ltd. We strive to provide one-of-a-kind Facebook Marketing services to our clients. We are not your usual agency in Singapore, but we always find the latest Facebook marketing tools and techniques. Our team understands data analysis and conceptualizes creative marketing campaigns and content, intending to make you stand out from the rest of your competitors. And with years of experience under our belt, we have already proven our worth in the industry. Several companies in different industries have entrusted us with their Facebook marketing, and they are always above satisfied with our services. We vow to the same for your social media account Email us right now and let our agency develop a Facebook marketing strategy for your business!

    What We Can Help You To Achieve

    At Incepte Pte Ltd., we make sure to help your business grow through our elaborate Facebook Marketing strategies. We understand that every business requires different tactics, and our team will undergo the task of analyzing your Facebook account to provide the best recommendations. If you are wondering how you can benefit from our team, check the quick list below.

    Increase Leads | Social Media Marketing | Incepte Pte Ltd
    Increase Leads and Online Sales
    Increase Brand Awareness | Social Media Marketing | Incepte Pte Ltd
    Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement
    Increase Web Traffic | Social Media Marketing | Incepte Pte Ltd
    Increase Web Traffic and Quality of Traffic
    Conceptualise Campaigns | Social Media Marketing | Incepte Pte Ltd
    Campaigns and Strategies

    Introduction of FB Marketing & its importance

    Facebook is still the leading social media platform and is tagged as the industry giant. As the largest social media in the world, it has more than 2.74 billion monthly active users, 66% of whom log in daily. And by the looks of it, the number of users is estimated to grow year after year.

    With such a large user base, ignoring Facebook marketing can be a costly mistake for most marketers and brands, not just in Singapore but in other parts of the globe. Your customers and potential market are definitely using Facebook. And if your business is not on it, then you are missing out – BIG TIME!

    Facebook marketing, when done right, can communicate your brand’s core message and personality. It can attract and engage both new and existing customers. Plus, it can convert mere visitors into actual customers.

    While Facebook can generate massive revenue for your business, Facebook ads require a unique marketing strategy and attention to actually perform, especially since the algorithm on Facebook is ever-changing. To excel in this landscape, not only do you have to come out with interesting contents and campaigns on a daily basis, you also need to be able to do the following:

    1. Be on top of trending articles and viral contents
    2. Monitor current marketing campaigns, lead-generating landing pages, social ads etc.
    3. Conduct research on the latest happenings in the industry
    4. Answer customer’s enquiries and handle any unfavourable feedbacks
    5. Use web analytics software to monitor performance and suggest actions for improvement

    Incepte Pte Ltd.’s team can do these and more.

    If you are still wondering how beneficial Facebook marketing is, we have laid it down for you.

    Be found by current and new customers

    If your company has a presence on Facebook, then it is another place for your existing customers to interact with you. This strengthens their loyalty to your brand, and it increases the chance for potential customers to find your business in Singapore or in other parts of the globe.

    Target people by their demographics

    One of the most exciting features of Facebook Ads is the ability to target your market. This could be based on their age, gender, location, interests and many others. With this Facebook feature, you can maximize every dollar spent by your company for your Facebook marketing campaign.

    Measurable results

    Facebook provides you with all the tools and data to let you measure the success of your advertising or marketing campaign in real-time. You can easily track the activity from your ads and our team can analyze the reports so you can take the best step.

    Drive traffic to your website/blog

    Facebook marketing can increase the reach of your blog contents, thereby increasing exposure and awareness for your business in Singapore and potentially worldwide.

    Increase your SEO ranking

    Facebook marketing can improve your search engine ranking due to the social signals it creates.

    Our Key Differences

    Video Creation

    Some agencies are not capable of creating impeccable videos for your company. But with Incepte Pte Ltd., we have a professional team that can handle it.

    Custom Visual Creation

    If requested, we can create unique and custom visual assets for your business. This will help you stand out from the competition, and is way better than using stock photos for Facebook.

    Monthly Review

    We always want to check if our Facebook strategies are working. And we can only do that by conducting monthly reviews.

    Dedicated Team

    Facebook Marketing is no easy feat, and we understand its complexities. Thus, we are assigning a dedicated team in Singapore to work on your Facebook strategies that are tailored-fit for your business.


    Our pool of Facebook experts has years of experience under their belts. They are always on the lookout for the best Facebook marketing practices, and will implement the same for your page.

    Conceptualization of Campaigns

    A successful Facebook campaign strongly relies on its conceptualization based on facts and data. At Incepte Pte Ltd., we create a logical blueprint for your Facebook marketing campaigns.

    Social Media FB & IG works


    See why Incepte Pte Ltd. is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Our clients have spoken, and we are proud of the results we delivered to their companies.

    Mr Tan

    Incepte has been one of the most flexible agencies we have come across, that has allow us to expand during peak periods. After started working with them since 2017. We have grow tremendously under their help. A great agency to work with!

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    After working with multiple agencies, one of the key value added service that Incepte provides was their clear explanation and recommendations of reports. That has provided our company with key information that allows our company to grow. Good job guys!

    View More

    Been working with incepte for a couple or years now and to date they’ve been really great to work with. They’ve remained consistent in their delivery, comprehensive in their planning and consultations and very responsive when meeting deadlines, all with a pleasant and friendly fore-front balanced with a professional attitude. An overall great company to work with for your digital marketing and website solutions.

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    Wanted just a website creation when we were referred by a friend to Incepte. It eventually grow to a full scale marketing campaign where we are still working closely with Incepte for digital marketing services such as SEO and SEM. Definitely one of the most responsive agencies out there.

    View More

    Have worked with Michael for a few years now. He has been helpful in providing important insights which no one else has. This has help in some key decisions that I made for my company. Definitely an expert in his field.

    View More

    We were quite skeptical engaging Incepte at first as we have been ‘burnt’ by gurus or so call experts in their fields. However, Incepte has showed us and explained to us what we have done for the past few years. Instead of just selling us their marketing services, they showed us what our strength and weakness for our online presence. This was something that no other company has done for us. So we took a leap of faith and since then we never looked back. Thank you Incepte!

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    Facebook Marketing FAQs

    1. Which is better to use for marketing, Instagram or Facebook?

    Both social media platform serves different purposes and demographics. In general, Facebook is a complete package for any brand/company.

    2. How do you plan your Facebook marketing strategy?

    After understanding your business, we will propose different strategies depending on your KPI. For retainers (more than 6 months), we will propose both short-term and long-term strategies. These strategies will be dependent on factors like what your competitors are doing, whether you are a new or established business, and whether you have a database.

    3. Will you post on our behalf on our Facebook account?

    This depends on your business needs. If you are engaging us for ad-hoc campaigns, we can do dark ads (ads that don’t show up on your Facebook timeline). For full Facebook page management, we usually post the ads on the timeline for better engagement.

    For organic posts, we will definitely post on your Facebook page.

    4. Is there a dedicated team to work on our Facebook account?

    Each of our client will be assigned with an overall contents in-charge and accounts manager.

    5. How much should I spend for my Facebook marketing?

    We have to look into some key factors such as the duration of the campaigns, number of ads you will be running as well as the type of marketing strategies you are planning to work on. In general, our clients spend between S$1,000 to S$3,000 on Facebook Advertising per month.

    6. How do you measure success for Facebook marketing?

    This depends on the objectives of the campaign and type of ad format we use for the campaign. Most ads that we work on are generally to increase leads/online sales so the metrics we commonly looked at are cost per lead, cost per click, cost per landing page view, etc. And we track conversions from Google Analytics so we can also compare the acquisitions from other sources such as Paid Ads and Organic Traffic to further analyse the campaigns ROI.

    7. Are you going to respond to comments and DMs?

    We do provide addons for community and timeline management for comments and DMs but clients usually respond the comments and DMs themselves.

    8. When can we see the results of your Facebook marketing strategy?

    We generally see results once ad campaigns are live. However, in order to increase the ROI, we usually take 2-3 months to A/B test advertisements and optimise the ads further.

    9. What are your Facebook Marketing packages like?

    Depending on your requirements, we will customise our Social Media Marketing packages according to your business needs. In general, our scope of work covers from creative copywriting to visuals creation such as graphics, videos and gifs to ad optimisation.

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