5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Company in Singapore


Five Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Company in Singapore

March 03,2017

Facebook is constantly evolving. What started out as a place to share cat photos has today turned into a network of 1.79 billion active users. The platform has changed as much for marketers as it has for users. As a business tool, Facebook is incessantly dominating the popularity chart and is a crucial part of the majority of strategies of content marketing. However, because of its permanence, it may be challenging to constantly develop fresh content and new ideas for your company’s Facebook page.

That is where hiring a Facebook marketing company in Singapore can pay off. And to ensure that the work done by these professionals hits the target every time, just follow the following tips to increase involvement with your Facebook marketing efforts – no poking needed.

  1. Timing is important

While you’re Facebook marketing efforts center around your content, and your overall objective, the timing of the Facebook post is also equally important. Have a look at your target audience, and notice the persons you want to reach. For instance, the time to reach a busy housewife would be different from that of a bachelor.

  1. Get Comfortable With Shooting Videos

Video posts are dominating social media, with Facebook budding as YouTube’s largest competitor for video uploads. If you have not started marketing your company with video on Facebook, this is the right time to begin.

  1. Organize Facebook contests

Free stuff is something that everybody loves. For a chance to win something, most people would like and engage with branded Facebook page which otherwise they would have ignored.

  1. Boost your posts

A boosted post is that which can be made to appear higher up on your audience’s news feeds for a small fee. The fee depends on the amount of people you wish the post to reach. Once you have identified your target audience, ask your Facebook marketing company in Singapore to reach them through a boosted post.

  1. Embed Your Facebook Content

One great way to create more touch points with potential customers is by mixing different forms of content. So if you find a good fit to sneak your Facebook content into a blog post or an article, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully this information will give you some idea about how to use Facebook to market your brand online