How to Create Interactive Website Content in Singapore


Guide in Creating Interactive and Creative Website Content

July 08,2019

There are practically millions of contents online. How can yours stand out? How can you make sure that your online visitors will stay for several minutes? How can you convert them to actual customers? These are some of the things we will answer in this article. So waste no time and read on.

  • Defining interactive website content

An interactive content is ideal if you want to engage your online visitors. This is known to be more effective than traditional content wherein your visitors will just read information from your website. Sample interactive features are games, polls, or Q & A.

  • Educate your online visitors

Most, if not all of us are hungry for new information. And that is why educational content is always effective when you want to promote your products and services. This doesn’t mean you should bombard your users with textual contents that are hard to read. You can educate them and at the same time infuse fun. For example, if you are selling tour packages, give them a virtual tour of specific destinations. You can also throw games that will test their skills as travelers.

  • Be social

If you want to gain traction, make sure that you encourage your users to share your content through their social media accounts. And to make it easier, have social media buttons readily available on  your website. You see, most of your customers, or potential customers are already in social media. Your brand will be more visible if your contents are being shared by actual users or online visitors.

Wondering what contents are being shared today? Work with a content marketing agency in Singapore and learn the trade.

  • Ask for client feedback and ratings

Customers want to be heard. They want their opinions to be valued. And that’s where you can make use of an interactive design for your website. Simply ask for their feedback and request them to rate their experience. While there might be a few negative comments here are there, it’s all part of the process. You can use that to identify points for improvement and an opportunity to converse with your customers. Thank them at least and it will go a long way.

  • Make use of personality tests

We see this everywhere and it seems that people are not getting tired of taking personality tests. Take advantage of this for your website. What we love about personality tests is that most people instantly share the results on social media, encouraging more people to try it out for themselves. As for you, you are getting information about your customer’s preferences and you can use that to improve your brand.

  • Lead them to other internal links

Another tactic that you can use is to lead your online visitors to other internal links. You can add call to action where you can embed a link to a related article within your website. This will make them stay in your website longer. It’s good for your ranking and there’s a huge possibility that he or she will be converted to an actual customer.

These things might seem easy to explore but in reality it takes an expert to build an effective interactive website. Thus, we recommend that you work with a content marketing agency in Singapore. They can help you with studying the market, creating content, and executing it on your website.