Interactive Web design agency in Singapore


How an Interactive Web Design impacts the Growth of your Business in Singapore

June 15,2019

You spent a lot of money for your website but it seems that it does little to nothing for your business. Here’s what you have to do. Check your website again. Is it interactive enough for your market and visitors? If not, then that might be the problem.

What is an interactive website anyway?

Basically, an interactive website allows its visitors to ‘interact’. Hence, the name. This gives the users a better experience within your page or website. It’s different from traditional websites where you can just read the text and see images. An interactive website allows the users to skip, vote, and comment to name a few features. It makes a website less boring.

Now just imagine yourself looking at a website wherein the only thing you can do is to scroll and read. Compare it to an interactive website where you can do a lot of things. You can click images, watch videos, answer questions, comment your ideals etc. You would of course, stay longer in the latter, right? Seeing the picture now?

However, please bear in mind that creating an interactive web design is not easy. You need experts from a web design agency in Singapore.

Reasons why you have to make your website interactive

There are a number of reasons why you badly need to improve your website to become an interactive one. Here are some of those:

  • A customer service experience 24/7

Let’s just say that you are a small business and just starting up. You wouldn’t want to miss any leads, right? But hiring someone to work at night to answer inquiries can add up to your operating cost. What can you do? Well, an interactive website created by a web design agency in Singapore can help. They can design your website in such a way that users can easily decide what to purchase in just few clicks. If they have questions, they just need to type it and the website has a template of possible answers, which makes your operation work 24 hours a day.

  • It helps you improve your website in the future

If you ask a web design agency in Singapore to create your interactive website, you can now track which things work or not.

What are the things that most users click?

What are the sections that they usually ignore?

With an interactive website, you have a concrete data for improving your page. It’s not going to be based on your personal biases, but it’s going to be your market who will initially ‘design’ for you.

  • It’s good for your SEO

As we’ve said, if you have an interactive website, users will likely to stay. This can improve your SEO ranking as search engines track down even the time a visitor spends in a website. Just so you know, if you rank well in Google or other search engines, the more chances that you will attract clicks and visitors. And if your page is made by a reputable web design agency in Singapore, you are to get more leads and close big sales.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a meeting with a web design agency in Singapore and let’s improve your website.