Difference between Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing


How Digital Marketing Differs From Traditional Marketing Strategies

June 10,2019

When you are running a business and you want it to prosper, allotting time, money, and effort for marketing strategies is necessary. But the question now is, which type of marketing strategy should you venture on?

Will it be the traditional marketing or the digital marketing?

Quite frankly, most business owners, whether big or small, are already using digital marketing and for good reasons. They even work with a digital marketing company in Singapore to ensure that their efforts are well-placed online. If you are unsure if you should use it too, this post might give you some clarity.

Traditional marketing, is it a thing of the past?

As you may already know, traditional marketing can be done by promoting products through conventional media such as television, radio, and print. While it’s not exactly ‘extinct’, digital media has proved to be more effective and ideal for all kinds of businesses and here are the reasons why.

Why digital marketing is more effective

Digital marketing on the other hand, is all about marketing efforts done online. You can either make use of search engines, email, social media, or websites to connect with your current and possible clients.

  • Consumers can interact easily

With digital marketing, consumers can easily interact with your business. They can send inquiries and comments with just few clicks. This is important because as business owners, you would want to know what people think about your campaign and of course, your products. With this, you can instantly strategize or even improve your product based on the comments of actual users. In addition, generating sales is faster online because consumers can actually buy you product right away.

  • It is more cost-efficient

Digital marketing proved to be more cost-efficient than traditional media. It can even provide you a better return. You see, when you use traditional media like placing your ads in newspapers, there is no guarantee that your target market will see it on the day you publish it. Likewise, people usually change channels when TV commercials are ongoing. And what do you do to increase brand recall? You add more days of publishing and showing your ads to a scattered audience, making you spend and eventually lose money.

This is unlikely to happen with digital marketing because you can customize your marketing efforts in such a way that your target market can see it. For example, you just have to identify the demographics and your campaign should automatically be visible to your audience. But of course, we would highly recommend that you get the services from a reputable digital marketing company in Singapore. This is so you can work with experts when planning and plotting your marketing campaign.

  • Consumers are online

Today, the bulk of consumers are online. Whether they are checking their social media accounts, doing online banking, checking their emails, or checking products they would want to purchase – they do it using the internet. And that is why your brand should be visible where most people are. Failing to use digital marketing for your brand is quite synonymous that your business is non-existent.

  • Reports are readily available

Lastly, digital marketing efforts can be easily measured. You can have your data and figures right away and this is essential to determine if your campaigns are successful or not.

While traditional marketing is still there, we suggest going digital if you want to use your budget wisely and to get better and instant results.