How to Promote your Business with Instagram Marketing


How to Create a Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy for Promoting Your Business

June 11,2019

Perhaps you already have an Instagram account for your business which has been running for months, even years but it seems that it’s not gaining any traction. Obviously, you’re doing it wrong and you have to take action given the competition online. Luckily, you have found us. This post will give you FREE tips that can help you kick start your Instagram marketing strategies.

  • Figure out what your content should be

If you have an Instagram for your business, it is crucial that you know what content you would put in it. There are accounts where all you can see are their products and this is a straightforward approach. Others post images and videos that showcase the brand’s culture. The latter doesn’t necessarily mean getting upright sales but it gives your business its own identity in the niche. This can eventually improve brand recall. However, most businesses today post both their products while still providing clear brand identity to its followers. It’s about balancing the images and of course, depending on the priority for the time being.

  • Clean up your content

This means that you have to use quality images or videos so it will be more visually appealing. We are not saying that you have to buy expensive cameras right away. A lot of smartphones can provide quality output. Edit it a bit to look professional but don’t overuse it.

Also, your caption should be interesting, clear, and engaging enough most especially if you are promoting your products and services. Don’t forget to provide instructions on where they can get more information or even purchase your products.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of hashtags. If you are still trying to get traction you can use common hashtags like #love #friendship #goals and the likes. Or you can be area specific like #singapore, #malaysia, or #asia. This can help you gain engagement in a particular location and can boost your brand online visibility.

  • Schedule your content

You also have to remember that consistency is the key. That means you will have to post images or content regularly. Now, we understand that sometimes you are too busy to work on your Instagram account and you have other tasks, but there’s a solution for that. You can use tools like Later, Grum, or Panoly which allow you to schedule posts in advance. That way, when you are pumped up to create content, you can just save it and schedule. Even when you are busy with other stuff at work, your Instagram is still doings its job. Or to make sure that you will not forget anything, ask help from companies offering Instagram marketing services.

The importance of this strategy is that you are increasing the chances of online engagement. With your regular contents, more people will see it, like it, and Instagram will put it on top of the feed. However, don’t overdo it because users will likely to unfollow you.

If this seems too much to handle given that you want to focus on your business, then there are a number of companies that offer Instagram marketing services. Find the best one and you are sure to improve your Instagram account and it will affect your business the best way.