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How to Improve Your Social Media Presence?

July 20,2021

You’ve already created your business pages on social media – now what? As we all know, such is not enough if you want to maximize the platforms. Fortunately, we have here a few tips that could help you improve your social media presence.

Take note that while you can do most of these strategies, working with a social media marketing agency in Singapore proves to be more effective. You get to use the right strategy, and even save time as they will do the heavy lifting for you. And as for you, just focus on improving your products and services. It’s an investment your business genuinely needs.

Know Your Audience

It’s crucial that before you start posting content on your social media, you understand what your market wants. Yes, your posts might get viral. But is there real traction? Were you able to tap your audience, or was it a different niche?

Try to observe what your audience often like and share. From there, you can already strategize your contents. Of course, make some variations so that people will always have something new to look forward to.

Use Conversational Tone

One common mistake of businesses is that they sound too rigid on social media. But that defies the purpose of the platform. Social media enables you to talk to your market. Thus, using a more relaxed tone is encouraged.

Try to stay away from technical terms and ‘humanize’ your caption. Simplify the concepts, if possible. And in case your products and services are too technical to begin with, using infographic can surely help.

Avoid Stock Photos

We see this a lot, and we will not be surprised if you are using stock photos too. However, if you want to improve your social media presence, you might want to build your own media library filled with original photos.

We are not saying that stock photos are bad. In fact, most of them were taken by professional photographers. However, if you want to stand out, use visual assets that could not be used by other companies. Since stock photos can be used without royalty, chances are, even your competitors might be posting the same images.

Plot Your Content Calendar

When you work with a social media marketing agency in Singapore, they would usually provide you with a content calendar. Such plays an important role to improve your visibility on social media. Random posts can only take you so far.

But with a calendar, you can already do your posts in advance and use a scheduler to automatically publish the content. That way, you have regular posts on your page, and people will know that your company is still active.

Stop Overselling

We know that it can be tempting to overly promote your product on social media. After all, you can do so for free. But here’s the bad news. If you are too aggressive in promoting your product, it could cause a backlash. People will start to unfollow your page.

So, what’s the best solution for this? You need to make sure that you provide real value to your followers. Instead of just posting your products, provide tips related to your industry.

Hire The Services Of A Social Media Marketing Agency In Singapore

Quite frankly, social media management should not be a part time task if you want to reap its benefits. There should be a team focusing on your content and analyzing the metrics – full time. Yes, that would entail cost. But just imagine its ROI.