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How to Make Content That Generate Leads?

July 28,2021

You might be doing hundreds of contents every month, but to tell you frankly, those aren’t enough for the business. It’s imperative that you write a content that will generate leads. But how do you do that? Worry no more as we’ve got you covered.

While hiring the services of content marketing agency in Singapore is the most logical and easiest solution, we also want to educate you. At least, your in-house team can also create content that could grow your business.

Create Quality Lead Magnets 

Are you familiar with lead magnets? In today’s age, it comes in different forms. However, the most typical ones are ebooks,  checklists, or free webinars. You provide these freebies to people who are likely to use your actual products and services. And before they could get these freebies, they will need to provide you with their email addresses as this is where you are going to send the lead magnets.

Make sure though that your lead magnets are of quality. It shouldn’t be something that can be easily found online. Provide substance and value, and these leads could also become your actual customers. The trick here is to do your research and take time in building your lead magnets.

Maximize Guest Blogging  

They say that guest blogging is dead. But we beg to disagree. You see, you can still use the strategy, most especially if your post will be published in popular platforms. When you write for other blog pages, you are usually given the liberty to add a short bio and your links. This is your chance to link it to your lead magnet.

And since you were able to penetrate a space that is popular in the industry, the readers will perceive the same about you.

Here’s a tip for you, though. When you are about to propose for a topic for your guest post, do not submit general ones. Instead, think of a brand-new angle which other people are not aware of.

Don’t Forget the Call-To-Action  

You might have the best copy on your social media or website, but if you do not have a call-to-action, it would be nearly impossible to get leads.

Remember that your call-to-action is as important as your content. You need to persuade your readers that what you are offering is of value, and that it is worthy enough for them to provide their email addresses.

Use Compelling Images  

Humans are naturally visual creatures, and we are attracted to things that are aesthetically pleasing. Having said that, it is a must that you use compelling images if you wish to generate leads.

We understand that for startups, you might be using stock images. However, it’s still best if you have your own photos so you can stand out from the rest.

Know What Your Market Wants  

And of course, when you are creating a content to generate leads, you should think about your target market. Yes, you might have brilliant ideas, but is that something they want and need?

Doing a bit of survey to understand what is relevant to your audience will do you good. With this, you will not be wasting time as there’s a huge chance that your lead magnets will be effective and useful.

In general, creating content that will generate leads is not an easy task. And getting the services of a content marketing agency in Singapore could be necessary. However, by having an idea how it works, you can share better ideas with your outsourced team. And eventually, it could bring your more leads, and more sales.