How to Optimize Website with Local SEO in 2019


How to Optimize Your Website for Local Search Engine Optimization in 2019

July 10,2019

Before we discuss local SEO further, let’s define it first. You see, local SEO is a strategy where you are trying to reach your market based on location. This is advisable most especially for businesses that cater a specific area. Though this is not saying that businesses that serve different locations will not benefit from this strategy too. So how do you think you can do it?

Best local SEO strategy in Singapore

  • Include your address in your website’s footer

For some, this might seem like a very small detail. But to tell you frankly, it does big things for your website. One thing you have to remember is to use the same exact address (including the format) across your website and online profiles. So if you are using BLVD or Boulevard, make it uniform. This makes it easier for search engines to look up for it and associate your business to that address alone. Use it even in your social media accounts.

  • Get your ‘Google My Business’

Please don’t forget claiming your Google My Business. The best part about this – it’s for FREE! Verification might be needed but it should be a piece of cake. Don’t forget to optimize your listing and be as specific as you can when describing your business.

  • Create local pages when necessary

If you are servicing multiple locations, it would be better if you create different landing pages for them. This can really do great things for your website.

  • Take advantage of citation pages

For those who are not familiar, citation pages are pages made by third-parties so that users can check different businesses within the area. It usually includes your business name, description, address, service areas, and reviews. These are useful because more often than not, they rank good on search engines.

  • Get reviews from your customers

People would always check for reviews online. If you have loyal customers, try to ask if they can make a quick review. Don’t worry if you’d receive a negative feedback. What matters most is that you respond to it the most professional way. Bear in mind that most online users trust companies that have reviews already.

  • Create more local contents

It is also ideal that you create contents which are tailored-fit to your local market. Let’s say that your business is in Singapore, write articles related to your services while including ‘Singapore’ in your keywords. Just remember to make valuable contents. That means if you are to write a blog post, think about the grammar, spelling, etc. It should be of quality.

  • Don’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly

As always, it is crucial that you make your web design mobile-friendly. By now you are aware that people use their smart phones to do quick searches when looking for a business or service. If your website does not have a responsive design, it will eventually lose its ranking.

If you want to make sure that your website will do good in the local market, better schedule an appointment with a company that handles local SEO in Singapore. This should take off a lot of responsibilities from your shoulder.