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How to Start Ecommerce Web Development that Actually Works

June 13,2019

If you are about to start your ecommerce website, there are things that you have to consider for it to be effective. You wouldn’t want to get leads and then suddenly your visitors get turned-off, right? So, let’s see what you need.

  • Make a clean and organized design

Let’s talk about physical stores for now. Compared an organized store to a cluttered one. Which would you likely to visit? Which store would you likely to purchase from? The organized one, most probably. That goes the same with ecommerce websites. If your website is hard to navigate and it seems hard to find a specific item, your visitors would likely leave empty-handed. That’s, of course, a lost opportunity for your business.

If you want a professional website, make sure to look for the best ecommerce web development company in Singapore.

  • Speed it up!

The online world is a game of speed. If yours is too slow, people will try to look for another source, for another place where they could get what they need. Thus, you need an expert to guide you how you can make everything in your website fast. A split second can make or break your business.

  • Take time to perfect your product page

When you create your product page, it should be clear and easy to understand. Your customers should not spend minutes trying to figure out what you are selling. The image should be clear, the benefits should be highlighted, the available colors must be there, and the price must be indicated. If they want to know your product in detail, that can be done separately.

  • Make the transaction seamless

Here’s what you should remember:

  • Don’t try to hide shipping costs. Show it right away.
  • Broaden your payment options.
  • Don’t require your visitors to sign up before
  • Provide a receipt

After the transaction, make sure to issue a receipt or send a proof of purchase to the buyer’s email. Indicate your company’s number and address, in case an issue will arise. You want your customers to feel safe and secured all throughout their journey on your website.

  • Don’t forget the after sales

Once the item has been delivered, make sure that an email will be sent to your customer. Ask for their feedback because that’s where you can improve your service as well. Don’t forget to thank them and add a personal touch – even if the email is a template.

  • Check on them

When your customer hasn’t purchased anything in the past months, send them another email that will lead to your ecommerce website. Give them a promo code which they can use once they re-purchase. It’s a simple gesture but can generate more sales. And if you are lucky, they would mention you on their social media accounts – making your brand more visible online.

Making a website for your business is complicated and you need help from a team of experts. Get services from an ecommerce web development company in Singapore.