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How to Use Facebook to Build Customer Relationships?

August 04,2021

Facebook is massive. We think everyone will agree. And because of that, brands and businesses of all sizes use the platform to build customer relationships. In fact, they even hire the best Facebook marketing agency in Singapore to do the job for them. Truth be told, that’s the best course of action. If you can outsource such services, then do so. After all, these agencies are well equipped with the best practices when it comes to social media. However, we do understand that for startup businesses, getting an expert could be an added cost, which might seem impractical at the moment.

So, here’s what we have for you. We will give you a few basic tips on how you can establish a good relationship with your clients on Facebook. That way, you can get the ball rolling and be able to forge a good foundation to grow your business.

Use Different Features 

If you must know, Facebook has a lot of options. Gone are the days that you could only reach out to your market through posts on your feed.

Today, you can leverage other tools such as stories and even send targeted ads using messenger.

Be Consistent 

Consistency is one of the keys if you wish to build genuine relationships with your customers. Having said that, there must be a team that will solely focus on social media. This isn’t just about posting content every day. But rather, you must be able to respond to all the comments and answer all the individual messages.

If your social media pages aren’t active enough, such will not go well with your customers. It will create a negative impression.

We have to warn you, though. It’s a tedious task. It’s best if you assign someone from your team to do the job full time.

Listen To What Your Customers Say 

Many people post their thoughts on social media. This includes their comments or feedback about products and services. We recommend that you use this to your advantage. Find the right keywords related to your industry and base your content from there. If you can provide expert opinions about the questions they raise, then do so.

At the onset, we also encourage you to think about a hashtag unique to your brand. That way, you can easily monitor discussions pertaining to your business.

Personalize Your Approach    

The thing about managing social media is that your brand might get a huge traction and it could be challenging to respond to all comments, posts, and messages. And yes, it can be tempting to just have a general response.

It’s good to have a template, most especially if it answers questions about your offering. However, you should use your better judgment if a more personalized response is necessary. Use their first name and type your response as if you are talking to a real friend. After all, you wouldn’t want to sound too robotic, would you?

Involve Your Customers Even More 

Customers appreciate brands that value ‘belongingness’. If you encourage them to share their thoughts and ideas, and you acknowledge them for it, such will be truly appreciated. Also, you can throw simple contests and giveaways that could spark interest.

User-generated content is encouraged as well. You can look for your customers who posted and tagged your brand. From here, you can re-share the content and the likelihood of exposing your brand will be higher.

In case your business is getting bigger, a dedicated team to work on your social media should be considered. You can always hire a Facebook marketing agency in Singapore but make sure to do your due diligence. They must be credible and trustworthy enough so your social media will gain traction.