How to Use Social Media Marketing for Small Business


How to Use Social Media Marketing for the Growth of Your Small Business

June 13,2020

People have been telling you to use your social media to grow your business. Sure, it’s easy to post content and to add photos and videos. But in reality, these things are not enough if you want to use it for your business.

So, in this post, we will provide you with the best social media techniques that can catapult your business.

  • Be consistent with your branding

Before you post on your social media pages, you have to establish your branding. This includes all your materials. Your logos, your templates, even the borders of your images should be at par with your overall branding. It might not make sense to you right now but when your page starts to peak up, more people will recognize your brand just because you are consistent.

  • Join groups and connect with like-minded people

Like in the outside world, connection plays a huge role most especially if you want to grow your business. You can share ideas and even subtly promote your products or services if appropriate. Now, there are different groups that you can join in social media. But this doesn’t mean that you should start posting about your business all the time. Nobody wants that.

If you are to join groups, always provide valuable information. Comment on posts and be genuine. That’s how you can create real connections and in the long run, you can work with them. And naturally, it can improve your business.

  • Use different platforms but create various strategies

It’s always good to have presence in different social media platforms. But make sure to choose wisely. Know your demographics and see which ones they commonly use.

So, let’s just say that your market uses Facebook and LinkedIn. Should you use the same strategies? The answer is NO.

You have to check what contents work best for each platform. You also have to understand the perfect timing to posts these contents. Lastly, you even have to consider the language you are going to use.

Now, managing social media can be a tedious task. We’re pretty sure you have more things to focus on. And that is why you should look for a social media marketing company in Singapore to handle these things for you.

  • Don’t forget to add your website’s link

When posting on social media, you have to strategically place your website’s link so that it can generate traffic. But of course, only a few people will be interested to visit your homepage. This is the reason why companies are doing their own blog posts and creating vital content so that people will click the link to your company website.


Maximizing social media is one of the most-cost efficient ways to market your business. But yet again, it is not as easy as you think. Plus, it requires a lot of time.

You can’t just put up a social media page and update it once a week. People will notice that the account isn’t active, and they will slowly lose interest. To get you covered, we encourage hiring the services of a social media marketing company in Singapore.