Impact of the Google Broad Core Update May 2022

June 07,2022

Recently Google rolled out an algorithm update which it does several times throughout the year. These updates make the search results of the internet users more relevant. They also make the search results more useful and helpful for everyone.

After the update of May 2022 there was a lot of volatility as indicated by the tracking tools in the Google search result most of the night. Every digital marketing agency Singapore has been affected by this update.

This is because they have to change their search engine optimisation techniques and other digital marketing activities according to the Google Core algorithm updates several times a year.

It has been observed that the keywords with an MSV of less than 10,000 per month experienced the maximum volatility. This could be because the update is new, but still it is something that needs to be considered. There are also major fluctuations in the different SERP features of both the actual position on the page and the percentage of SERPs that contain them.

Just like all the other core algorithm updates the rankings of your website will most probably fluctuate during the initial few weeks. There is nothing to be worried about if you notice anything like this. However these fluctuations will level out in a few weeks.

If on the other hand you notice considerable negative changes then you should create a plan for what you need to do, but hold on to these plans and do not implement them for the first two weeks. If there are any changes in your workflow they will continue as usual as if the algorithm changes did not happen.

How to handle a core update that impacts you negatively?

Every SEO agency Singapore is keen on keeping a tab on these updates. This is because sometimes these updates negatively impact their search engine optimisation activities. If you see that the core update is impacting you negatively then you should look at the following steps.

  • You can expect considerable results in the search rankings
  • The best way to respond to such core updates by Google is to focus on providing the best possible content.
  • As per Google the pages that see a drop in ranking are not being penalised. But the Google is seeing their relevancy as concerned with other content being published since the previous core update.
  • Usually Google opts for core algorithm updates at least two to four times a year.
  • However it cannot be guaranteed that the implementation of improvements to a website will help in recovering the position that you have lost on Google. However if you do not take any action and ignore the signs then you may never recover your ranking.

If you are facing any of these problems then you should contact your digital marketing agency Singapore or elsewhere. Usually the every SEO agency Singapore is prepared for any such changes implemented by Google every two to four times a year.

Hence you should connect with your agency and make sure that they are taking the necessary actions to improve the SERP of your website on Google.