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Importance of Website Design for an E Commerce Business

June 29,2020

Ecommerce industry is booming now more than ever. And if you want to have your own ecommerce website, you need to give importance to its design. But what makes a good ecommerce website? What are the things you need to consider?

We’ll answer these and more from this post.

Website Design Tips for Ecommerce Business

Think of your ecommerce website as a physical store. What would your prospects say if it looks cluttered? Will they enjoy shopping if it’s hard to find different items? Most likely, they will just go to a different shop, right?

The same thing applies for ecommerce websites. You need to spend ample amount of time to organize and to clear up you design so that people will have a great experience while shopping.

  • Think About Your Demographic

The first thing you have to consider for ecommerce website design in Singapore is your market. What might work for a kid’s store might not be good for the older audience. You have to understand their preference and their online behavior. Do you need to make the buttons bigger? What colors will work best? Can they easily follow the instructions?

These are all essential questions before you plot your website design.

  • High-Quality Images

We are visual creatures and our buying behavior is affected by what we see. Thus, you have to make sure that you will use product images that look professional. Consider the layout, the dimension, and even the lighting.

  • Engaging Product Description

Your description is crucial as well. This doesn’t have to be long or profound. Be straight to the point and highlight its benefits more than the features. You would want your potential customers to realize how your products or services can change or improve their lives.

  • Organized Inventory

Make sure that your website layout is easy to understand. People should be able to easily find what they are looking for. Remember, they don’t have the time to browse through every page and every link. Consider spoon-feeding them with information to the point that the only thing that’s left to do is for them to hit that ‘Buy’ button.

  • Concise Forms

If you are to include forms in your ecommerce website, have it as concise as possible. Long forms can be a turnoff and you can lose potential customers because of that.

  • Easy Yet Secure Payment Gateway

Another important consideration is your payment gateway. Your web designer should be able to provide a number of payment options suitable for your business model. Ask them about the security features because you wouldn’t want hackers to cause any trouble in your business.

  • Interactive Features

There are also interactive features which you can add to your ecommerce website design. IKEA is using augmented reality wherein you can see if a furniture fits your space. Some clothing stores are embracing the technology as well. It’s a great idea because there are people who are still hesitant to buy online because they can’t visualize if a product will look good on them.

  • Make Your Design Mobile Responsive

Lastly, your ecommerce website should be mobile responsive. Most people use their smartphones to shop online. And if your online store looks lousy on smaller device, then don’t expect that they will complete the transaction.


Without a good website design, you might lose business opportunities. Let the experts do their magic and hire the services of an ecommerce website design company in Singapore. You would be surprised how it can positively affect your sales.