Instagram Marketing Trends That Will Own 2021

July 30,2021

Instagram is big, that’s already obvious. It’s the reason why most brands, big or small, use the platform to market their products and services. But having an Instagram account is not a guarantee that you will get sales or traction from the market. You need to understand the latest marketing trends with Instagram. That way, you will have that unfair advantage and more people will likely patronize your business.

If you don’t know what are the best trends this 2021, we have it here for you.  

Tell a Genuine Story  

For years, Instagram was filled with high-resolution images, which most of the time do not resemble real life. At first, it was good. After all, who doesn’t want to see aesthetically pleasing images? However, times have changed and people are now interested to see genuine photos and stories. This goes for brands and even for influencers.

For example, we are seeing a number of influencers wherein they share content about their downfall or bad days. Years ago, their feed was curated with all things glittery and glamorous. But nowadays, the contents are more real. This is effective because it becomes more relatable to the general audience. And in fact, it’s even more inspiring.

Use Instagram Reels  

This is the platform’s response to Tiktok where the users can create short-form video content. Of course, Titktok influencers are unlikely to change their platform. But for those who are capitalizing on Instagram, it’s a great tool for showcasing brand stories. It gives more animation, and it’s generally more engaging.

Work With Micro-Influencers 

You might think that working with big celebrities can catapult your brand’s name. You are wrong.

In today’s age, people would like to follow influencers with whom they could relate with. These are called micro-influencers. Yes, they have a decent following, but these people are known to only promote brands they truly use and trust.

Use Cause Marketing  

If your company supports a certain cause, then amplify it through Instagram. This is an efficient way to tell your followers what issues are important to you.

Before, companies are all quiet about their stand on social issues. However, there is already a shift in behavior. Consumers would like to patronize brands wherein they share the same values and beliefs. Simply put, you can now speak up and your real followers will show.

Post Live Content  

Another marketing strategy you can use it to post live content. People love to see real-time happenings. For example, if you are to launch a brand, it’s a good idea if you have live content so that people will feel connected.

And because of the pandemic, we’ve seen more companies using this technique. Since people can’t go out and there is always a limitation for gatherings, why don’t you take the event to them through live videos?

Shopping Feature in Instagram  

If you are offering products, we say take advantage of Instagram’s shoppable posts. With this, the users can tap the products and see more details. This increases your leads – and eventually sales. At least by using this feature, they do not have to leave the app, making the entire experience fluid and seamless.

Marketing with Instagram is not for the amateurs. If you want to get traction, it’s best if you work with professionals. It’s an everyday task, and it’s more than just posting images and adding captions. One should know the trends so that they could thrive in the competition.