Key Features of Facebook Marketing that Everyone Must Know

September 30,2019

If you are running your own business, it makes sense that you use Facebook to market your products and services. Not doing so can hit your business hard. Facebook marketing has been the trend in the recent years because of its cost-efficiency and wide reach. But there are certain features that you must utilize to further maximize what Facebook can do for your business.

  • Video Ads

Video ads are a big hit right now considering the number of videos being played on Facebook every single day. But make sure that yours will stand out from the rest. Mostly, relatable and inspirational videos can do the trick. You might want to spend time brainstorming about what videos to show as the competition is tighter.

  • Carousel Ads

We all know that we are virtual creatures. Let’s not forget how much we love story telling as well. With carousel ads, you can do both. Facebook has found a way for business owners to tell stories using their advertisements. You can use up to 10 or more images and videos to highlight what you are currently offering. Of course, you may add links, and call to actions. Don’t miss the opportunity to introduce your offerings. If you want to have a great advertisement using carousel ads, then you might want to work with an experienced Facebook marketing company in Singapore.

  • Behavior Targeting

Obviously, you would want to market your products to people who are likely interested to what you are offering. What’s good with Facebook is that you can enable behavior targeting. For example, you want your campaign to reach a market that usually buys kid’s products. That’s possible with Facebook as they collect user-behavior data.

Similarly, you can also configure your ads to reach people based on their interests and demographics.

  • Custom Audiences

This feature is helpful if you want conversion. What you need to do is to set your ads to reach people who have (1) already visited your website, people who (2) have provided their contact details to your company, and (3) to your app users. Chances are, they know your brand and with just a little push of remarketing, you can convert them to actual customers.

  • Engagement Ads

With this feature, you can tap users or people who already interacted with your posts. So if someone reacted, commented, and shared your content, you can reach out to them with the Engagement Ads. Yes, this is quite a small target but since they are already interested and you are creating another level of relationship, you can turn them to loyal customers. In fact, they will be more than willing to share your upcoming posts and campaigns.

Truth be told, you need experts to fully understand what contents will work for your Facebook marketing. If you are still new to this and you believe you need help, there are Facebook marketing companies in Singapore that can help you create a streamlined strategy. Without a well thought of strategy, your marketing materials will be put into waste. We suggest that you create a shortlist of the best companies, set up a meeting, and see if you can work together.