Local SEO in Singapore: How to Optimize Website Pages for Your Targeted Region

July 12,2019

You probably have heard about SEO, right? But did you know that your local business needs ‘local’ SEO as well? If this is a new concept for you, then this is the best post. We will try to explain it the simplest way possible.

How do you do local SEO in Singapore?

  • Work on your Google My Business listing

If you want your business to appear during local searches, it is crucial that you take time working on your Google My Business listing. When you are putting your address on your website, make sure that it is the same format when listing your business in Google. Experts suggest that you use the same NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) so that Google can easily ‘read’ it.

And don’t forget to choose the right category. While Google allows you to choose multiple options, it is recommended that you be specific with the kind of business you are offering.

  • Create your landing pages

It would be better if you are working with experts in building your website. This way, they can easily create landing pages for different areas that your business caters to. By using this technique, your website will organically rank even if you do not have a physical store in the location.

  • Review your meta descriptions, title tags, headers, and content

When you are building or revamping your website, it is a must that the city or cities that your business is servicing are included in your keywords. Remember to include it in the Meta descriptions, down to your blog content.

  • Make use of the Google Map

A lot of businesses are now putting Google Map on their website and for a good reason. Apparently, this allows your potential customers to see your physical store. It would be beneficial if you can add ‘How to get there tips’ as well.

  • Never underestimate the power of Call To Action

You have to convert your online visitors to real customers. And how do you do it? By adding an effective Call To Action. Make them click the button; make them call your office. Speaking of which, make sure to highlight your contact details on your website.

  • Get reviews from previous and current customers

If you have loyal customers, you can ask them for a simple online review. Trust us; it can essentially help with your local SEO strategy in Singapore. If there are a few customers who are not happy with your services, don’t delete their reviews. Instead, be professional about it and respond politely. That way, your online visitors will see that you value all opinions.

  • Get local links

You can also improve your ranking on local searches if you get your links posted on other websites. One way to do it is to partner with local influencers or organizations. Perhaps, you can come up with charity events. Simply put, make a good noise locally and it should reflect on different newsletters or sources online.

If you want to learn more about local SEO and how it will be beneficial to your business, contact a reputable SEO company right now.