Marketing with Instagram That Actually Works

October 18,2021

You probably know that Facebook is the biggest social media platform right now. Thus, it isn’t surprising that businesses use it for marketing their products and services. However, another big player that you should also consider is Instagram. It has more than 1 billion active users every day where they spend around 8 minutes scrolling through their feed.

Of course, we are not saying that you must target 1 billion users. The point is, your target market could be using the platform, and you are losing so much opportunity by not marketing with Instagram.

If you want to start now, here are a few tips you have to remember.

Switch to Business Profile 

Make sure that your account is for your business and that you’ve switched to a business profile. This will allow you to enjoy several features that you can’t use if you use a personal one. For example, you can publish ads without using Facebook’s tools. You can also access analytics and be able to understand the performance of your posts.

Post Teasers and Don’t Be Too Pushy

Marketing with Instagram means you can advertise using photos. Use that to your advantage. If you have new products to offer or upcoming discounts, add interesting images to gain traction.

However, remember that when you advertise, you don’t have to oversell your company. Plus, your posts don’t have to be selling your products all the time as it could be a huge turn-off to most people.

Add valuable tips and industry updates. That’s how you are going to have genuine followers and even ambassadors.

Maximize Sponsored Ads

Generally, you can have as many posts as you want on Instagram. But the question is, are you targeting the right people?

In that case, use the sponsored ads so you can adjust the demographics that will see your posts. This enables you to maximize the cost and get the right audience for your ads. You can post videos, photos, carousels, and even stories.

Yes, stories are effective, and many Instagram users engage in it as well. You can share behind-the-scene photos or even the members of your team. We will explain this further in the next section.

Humanize Your Content

Consumers are not just interested in the products and services that you offer. They want to relate to it more. This is precisely the reason why many brands are humanizing their content. It doesn’t have to be professionally-done photos. It could be a random shot in the office or someone using their products on the streets.

People want to see something raw, and you can use that when marketing with Instagram.

Think About A Good Caption

While Instagram has amazing photos from different accounts, you still need to think about compelling captions.

Again, don’t be too salesy. People don’t want to see a ‘BUY NOW’ caption. They want to read something interesting, something beautiful. Make sure you spend time thinking about the right words that will accompany your equally beautiful image.

Marketing with Instagram is not exactly a walk in the park. In fact, there are experts studying the best practices, which can change right away.

While the tips we have above are still relevant, there’s no guarantee that these will be the same in the coming years. As always, it’s best to work with the experts and let them do the marketing strategy for you. That way, you can get leads and sales the fastest possible time.