What is a Perfect Optimized Page for Search Engines


On-Page SEO: What is a Perfect Optimized Page For Search Engines?

July 15,2019

If you are not an SEO expert to begin with, you might find other SEO-related articles useless. And that’s the reason why we have created this post for you. We will provide you a quick checklist to see if your page is perfectly optimized to be recognized by search engines.

Be mindful of your title

When you are doing your content’s title, make sure that your keyword is there. In fact, you should place it at the beginning of your title. So for example you are going to write about digital marketing strategies, you can start your title with “Digital Marketing Strategies:”.

Similarly, do not forget to add modifiers such as Review, Best, Guide on your title. So in our example above you can revise it to “Guide for Digital Marketing Strategies”.

Use interesting images and videos

If you want to rank in search engines, it is also important that your users or online visitors will stay in your page. And how can you do that? By adding interesting images and videos. As much as you can, try to avoid stock images which can be found from different websites. Have your own branding or images for your pages.

Think about your subheadings

Subheadings are also vital not just to make your posts easier to read, but having the right subheadings with your keyword can help you rank on search engines. Don’t forget to add at least one.

Place your keywords in the content

When you are doing the body of your content, do not forget to add your keywords. We advise that you include it within the first 100 words of your post. And if possible, scatter LSI keywords or related words to your central topic. Search engines are smarter now and can identify what your topic is by scanning both the keywords and LSI keywords.

Think about your web design

In today’s age, your website should have a responsive design. This means that it should adjust to any device that your visitor is using. They should be able to navigate easily whether they are using desktop, laptop, tablets, or smartphones. And let’s not forget the speed of your website. Improve it if necessary.

Share links

You should also include outbound links for search engines to identify related topics for your post. In addition, don’t forget to add your own links as well. Two or three internal links is acceptable.

Make your content longer

But be careful with long contents. This is still a game of Quality vs. Quantity. So let’s just say that your articles has 2,000 words. However, it is poorly written and has a bad structure. Do you think online visitors will stay on that page? So instead of focusing on the number of words, take time to think of relevant subtopics that you can share.

While this article provided you with an overview, we would still recommend that you look for the top SEO companies in Singapore. This is one of the sure fire ways to get your website to rank. They can help you from creating content to analyzing your website’s behavior.