How to avoid Plagiarized Content on your website


Plagiarized content, its effects on your website and how to avoid it?

July 16,2019

Everybody is talking about great content and how it can help a website rank in search engines. That is why there is a huge demand for online writers. This, of course, will add up to the operational cost which other website owners would like to avoid. Unfortunately, they are taking shortcuts. Instead of working on their original content, they just copy it and post it – as if it is theirs in the first place. While that might be the fastest and easiest thing to do, there are a number of consequences for doing so.

What is plagiarism?

Did you know that plagiarism is a form of stealing? It’s stealing ideas and telling the whole world it is yours. So basically if you do this, you are a theft and a liar – which either way will not help you, your website, or your business in general. You will lose your credibility and truth be told, that’s something extremely hard to regain.

What will happen to your website if you have plagiarized content?

If your website is filled with unoriginal content, you might get penalized or worse – search engines might remove your from their search results. All your efforts in creating your web design and developing it will be put into waste if you just use copied materials.

In addition, there are legal implications when you use copied contents. You wouldn’t want to face such problems, would you?

For those who would like to further understand copied contents and its effects on your website, we recommend that you set up a meeting with a digital marketing company in Singapore. By doing so, you can also create streamlined plans on your future website contents.

How can you avoid plagiarism on your website?

  • Do not rush your content

One of the reasons why most people resort to copying content is that they lack time. Most online writers and bloggers are guilty of this. They want to have new contents, and they want it fast. Reality check, if you want quality, you need to exert extra time and effort.

If you want a substantial article posted on your website, make time to do your research. Come up with your own ideas based on facts, and remember to write for your customers – and not for search engines.

One trick here is to read multiple sources. This is how you can have a different approach or perspective about your central topic.

  • Link back to your sources

There are times wherein you really have to use other sources to prove a point. That’s fine as long as you are giving the original author the right credit. Mention it on your content and if possible, add a link to your source.

  • Learn how to rewrite

If you want to write something yet it is known as a general knowledge, learn how to paraphrase and use your own words. This is so you can avoid duplicate content.

  • Check your work

What’s good in today’s age is that you can easily check if an article is plagiarized or not. There are online tools that can help you with it. Better yet, you can work with a reputable digital marketing company in Singapore. A good company can also provide you with quality writing services. This takes off a huge chunk of work from your shoulder, and at the same time ensuring that all your website contents are original.