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Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Businesses

July 31,2021

If you are running a business and you don’t have a presence in LinkedIn, you are missing a lot of opportunities. It’s about time that you maximize the platform, especially if you want to tap the decision-makers. But many people are not aware on how to market their brand and company on LinkedIn. Worry no more as we have here the most powerful tips. These techniques are lifted from the best social media marketing agency in Singapore.

Have A Page For Your Business  

First of all, you need to set up a separate page for your business. This is different from your website. Think about the business pages you can find from Facebook and other social media platforms.

Complete the profile and all the necessary information. From here, you can share business updates and even articles made by your leaders. You see, the audience in LinkedIn are always hungry for new information. They are likely to read contents which would feed their hunger for knowledge. They have a different behavior compared to audiences from other platforms. Having said that, let us take you to our next tip.

Create Content With High Value  

It’s good to reshare content from prominent people in the industry. But you know what’s a better strategy? It’s when you create your own.

This is not synonymous with rewriting or repurposing content. If you will write a post for LinkedIn, it must be with substance. You also need to provide your expert opinion backed with facts. And when you are confident with what you have written, you can even personally share it with your connections.

Seeing that you have your personal take on certain issues can also make you an authority and a new voice in the industry. This could impact your brand positively as well. Again, this might take some time, but it’s worth it.

You can also use sponsored updates so that your posts will be pushed to the right market.

Request Your Team To Build Their Profile  

Another technique you can use for your LinkedIn marketing is to ask your people to create their profile. If possible, request them to add the projects they made for your company. The objective of this is to put faces behind your brand. You would want other people to see that your employees are also active, and this leaves a good impression to them.

Join Industry-Related Groups  

Joining communities is also a great way to network. We’re sure that a credible social media marketing agency will tell you the same.

You can even join groups where your demographics are. This will give you an idea what they talk about, and you can anchor your content from there. In addition, you can engage in professional conversations, and get insights from other leaders.

When you have already formed real connections, it’s time to create your own group where you can be the authority. With this, you can post your own content. As much as possible, do not sound ‘salesy’, but instead, provide real value to your members. There’s little to no room for hard selling in LinkedIn.

When you are using LinkedIn, most especially for your business, forming genuine relationships is necessary. But of course, a strategy must be in place, and this should be coupled with consistency. To be honest, it’s not a part-time task but rather a full-time job which will require expertise. If you want to gain traction, it’s best to work with a social media marketing agency.