Digital Marketing Strategies to Get New Heights in Business


Raise Your Business to New Heights with These Digital Marketing Strategies

January 30,2017

In the present times when mobile and computer devices, online sites, and social media have become a part of our daily lives, how can marketing companies afford to ignore the internet based digital world to promote products and services?

According to global statistics released by the World Bank, more than two million people have access to Internet today, and out of them, around 70 percent use it on a daily basis. This, therefore, forms a legitimate reason for the companies to invest a large chunk of their earnings on digital marketing. The most common strategies used by the digital marketing Singapore companies are:

  • Social media: in the web world, social media has become the low cost and most efficient channel forgrabbing new customers and driving brand loyalty. The social networks provide marketers with many tools to create and maintain an online presence.
  • Images, videos, and blogs: according to the statistics released by a leading web marketing company, textual content is a must, but around 40% of the users respond to the visual content better.
  • Email: various digital marketers agree that one of the most popular tools for client engagement is e-mail marketing. E-mail is an easy way for brands to reach their customers as consumers are more open to receiving more information via this medium.
  • Smartphones, Tablets, and others gadgets: a majority of the world population has accessibility to smartphones today. According to a survey by Info graphics, smart phones and tablets are used as a primary source for online searches and shopping by more than 50 percent of users. This is why brands spend much of their energy to market on this digital channel.
  • SEO and SEM: Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing are another tool of digital marketing¬†that are widely used to improve page rankings and place paid advertisements in various search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.