Top 6 Reasons Why your Website is not Working Properly?


Reasons Why Your Website is Not Working Properly

April 07,2021

There are many reasons why your website is not working properly. And we are here to list the common reasons. You see, a faulty website is never good for your business. You will have a high bounce rate, and your potential customers will slowly veer away from you.

So, let’s cut the chase and find out why your website isn’t performing well.

Bad Website Design

First, you have to check if your website has a good design. Is it organized enough? It is user-friendly? Or is it outdated and hard to figure out?

You see, when we talk about website design, we are not just after its aesthetic appeal. You must also consider the user experience. Imagine if you are going to visit your website for the first time. It should have an intuitive design wherein you don’t need to cry for help to understand everything.

This is where a good website maintenance company in Singapore could help. They can audit your webpages and see if the design meets the current trends and needs of the market.


One of the most common reasons why your website is not working properly is a disorganized code. This usually happens when there are many functionalities and features. The danger of messy codes is that search engines won’t be able to index your website, therefore affecting your search rankings.

Complicated URL

Usually, an online visitor will check out different pages of your website. And when they go deep into your web pages, the URL might get too long with a lot of slashes. We recommend simplifying these URLs which makes it easier for those who would like to copy, paste, and share your links with others.

404 Errors

When we say 404 Errors, these are also known as broken links. It happens when a visitor opens an unavailable URL. When you have a lot of broken links, it can essentially affect the user experience.

It’s easy to check these 404 errors through the use of Google Analytics. Make sure to look for these and fix them right away. But this should be done regularly. The best solution is to hire a website maintenance company in Singapore so you don’t have to include this in your to-do list.


As a website owner, you should know the importance of using HTTPS instead of HTTP. Many people are already aware that a website using HTTPS is more secure. If they see that yours do not use it, then it could be a major turn off. This is especially true for eCommerce websites wherein they need to provide personal information to purchase from your site.

Sitemap File

For those who aren’t aware, a sitemap file gives web crawlers data or information about everything that you have added in your website. Without this, your website will not be properly indexed. Again, it will directly hit your ranking.


We recommend that you work with a company that offers website maintenance in Singapore. This could take a huge load off your shoulders. Plus, they can instantly troubleshoot your website. But if you are to look for one, set high standards. Look for a company that has helped several businesses with their website. Check their portfolio as well. That way, you can ensure that your website will be in good hands.