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SEO Tips That Delivers Immediate Results

July 29,2021

Let’s be clear here. SEO is not an overnight task, and you cannot expect to get results in an instant. However, there are some techniques that could work faster than the others. That’s what we are going to share with you in this post. These same tactics are used by the best SEO agencies in Singapore as well.

Consider the Over All User Experience of Your Website  

When you are designing a website, it isn’t enough that you have a great copy or amazing videos and images. What matters most in today’s age is the usability of your platform. Can people easily find what they are looking for? Or will they have to spend several minutes understanding your layout?

You see, when people are not enjoying your website, you will have a high bounce rate. This is not good for SEO as the search engines will think your website is not credible enough.

Likewise, your website design should be updated too. Be on the lookout for trends as this can help more online users stay on your pages. And let’s not forget, always check the speed of your website. A regular checkup is necessary to see if your pages are up and running. Just so you know, even a single broken link can affect your SEO.

Your Posts Must Be Easy To Read  

We know that it can get exciting to write a blog post, especially if you know a lot of things about the topic. But you have to be careful. You need to make your blog post as reader-friendly as possible. Now, what do we mean by this?

As a rule of thumb, do not write long paragraphs. That could be a turn-off for readers because they will think it’s a complex read. Likewise, use simple words. Do not expect that everyone will understand the jargon. And if you can use bullets, then do so.

Before we forget, use headings and even images to supplement your articles.

Start Optimizing for Voice Search  

Many people now use smart speakers. And because of this, you need to also optimize your website for voice search. Take note that the keywords used when typing and speaking are different. Usually, these are longer and more descriptive. Also, most voice searchers look for information through questioning. So, this is something you might want to consider as well.

Design for Mobile Gadgets  

You might be doing a lot of research and strategies for SEO, but are you doing it properly? Are you targeting a huge audience?

Perhaps, you are working on strategies for desktop users. That’s not entirely bad. But you have to remember that most people today are using smaller and mobile gadgets. Now, if your website or content will not look good on smaller devices, people will not spend a significant amount of time browsing through your pages. And again, this could affect your SEO ranking.

Create a Persona  

Before you even start with your SEO strategies, it is critical that you know your market. You have to understand what they are looking for, and even the language they use. That way, you can formulate the right keywords to use.

While there are many SEO tips you can find online, it’s not a guarantee that you will be able to get results. As always, it’s best to leave the tasks to SEO agencies in Singapore. More often than not, they are updated with the latest SEO trends. Remember that what could have worked years ago might not work today.