SEO Services by Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore


Services Offered by Top SEO Companies in Singapore

October 03,2019

Some of you might think that hiring an SEO company should not be a priority. You have that misconception that you would rather put your money to other things that can generate income. But you know what; you are missing a lot of business opportunities and huge sales by not hiring an SEO company. The business game has already changed and if you are still stuck in the traditional means of promoting your product, then you are to fall behind every minute now.

In this article, we will share with you the services you can get from the top SEO companies in Singapore. This way, you’d appreciate the industry further and you will see its importance to your business growth.

SEO companies – Scope of Work  

  • Website Audit

One of the services you can get from a top SEO company in Singapore is website audit. This means that an SEO expert or consultant will check your current website. From there, they will analyze if its using the right SEO strategies and techniques.

If you do not have an existing website, they can provide you with a proposal.

  • SEO strategy

Once the audit has been done, the team will now brainstorm about the best SEO strategy. They will search for the appropriate keywords; analyze your competition, and even the conversion of your website.

Remember, a strategy used for a certain client might not work for your business. Hence, it will take time to provide an SEO plan. This will be dependent on your industry, niche, market, and current search engine rank among many others.

  • SEO web design

A good web design is not limited to its aesthetic appeal. It needs to be functional and it needs to be user-friendly across all devices. A good SEO company in Singapore should be able to revamp your website to ensure that there is high conversion rate. Even small details like call-to-action and colors of the clickable buttons are considered when creating a design. Everything has to be seamless in the eyes of your consumers.

  • SEO copywriting

While there are a lot of good writers out there, an SEO writer takes the skill to a different level. This is another service that a top SEO company in Singapore can offer. When writing an article or post for SEO, the author should consider the keywords. These keywords will have to be repeated depending on the length of the article or according to the SEO expert’s instructions. The trick here is how the writer will integrate these keywords while still creating an article which is ‘fluid’ to read.

To date, there are a lot of articles online which are obviously made for SEO purposes. These are not advisable and a great SEO writer deviates from that. They know that the articles must be reader-friendly and at the same time, provides value while maintaining the right amount of keywords.

  • Link building

Lastly, link building is another important aspect of SEO and if a company offers this in their package, you are in good hands. This means that your page is being ‘voted’ or ‘validated’ by other websites as a good source of information. Such, can substantially contribute to your search engine ranking.

Hiring an SEO company is a good form of investment. Believe us; you’d be amazed with the results.