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Social Media Marketing and Its Importance For Companies in Singapore in The Modern Age

May 22,2019

Singapore is a powerful country, and everyone knows that. The challenge for many start-ups in a first world country such as ours is being able to capture an audience that knows exactly what they want and how to spend their money.

Interestingly, to a lot of business owners, social media marketing still isn’t as important to them as it should be. To a lot of entrepreneurs, it’s but a fad. But the years of increased digitalization has only proved that wrong. Social media has become a powerful branch of marketing that’s been proven to bring results to both household businesses and new enterprises alike. You see, when it comes to social media and digital marketing, not everyone knows exactly how to go about it—all people know is that it works.

And work it does. Not only has internet marketing catapulted hundreds of online businesses, but it’s also built strong reputations for many small businesses. This makes the internet as perfect an avenue to make money. In a survey conducted not too long ago, more 90% of marketers agree that social media is integral to their business. Oppositely, a staggering 80% of these people claim that they’re not sure what tools to use to maintain effective online marketing.

It’s 2019 and if you still don’t work with one, it’s high time to look around for the leading social media marketing company Singapore has around. Here are perks you’ll get a hold you outsource your social media marketing efforts:

Stronger brand loyalty

Certain university research says that business who actively engages in social media platforms experience better loyalty from their market. They go on to say that brands should make use of social media tools as it better connects them to their audience. A well-thought-of social media blueprint could prove to be convincing and delightfully influential to consumers, turning them not only avid supporters of your brand but also active ambassadors. Another study claims that more than 50% of US residents who follow brands on social media remain more loyal to them.

Market convert

Every single post you make across your brand’s social media accounts is an opportunity to make a sale. It’s a chance to turn a viewer into a paying customer, so make sure your posts are wise and apt. When you’re able to establish a steady following, no matter how small at first, you’re more likely to keep them around. Never underestimate the value of a follow or a like because these are the people who’ve chosen to be updated to whatever updates your products and services have. The more you soft-sell, or hard sell for this matter, what you provide, the higher your chances of making a profit from your followers.

Although a different beast in itself, a strong social media presence also makes it easier to be found online, strengthening your SEO ranking. The more easily you’re found in search engine results, the more credible your brand is believed to be. And in an industry that puts a premium in reputation, that’s exactly what you want. Still, think social media marketing doesn’t bring you goods? Reach out to the leading social media marketing Singapore has!