The Power of Instagram Marketing for Brand Promotion


The Power of Instagram Marketing

March 04,2017

Instagram is a social media platform that allows instant sharing of photography. Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the largest marketing platforms out there. It lets you present your brand through visual story telling, allowing you to bring your story to life and present your brand ethos while connecting to your community. The key to making a successful Instagram page for your brand is to engage your audience rather than sell a product directly.

Use Instagram to be more playful and show a different side to your business, from your inspiration, to behind the scenes with the people that are part of your company, explicitly connecting you with your audience. There is no better method to step up your business game than to be active on Instagram. Follow these tips and make the most of the power of Instagram marketing:

  • Firstly, work out your target demographic audience, follow relevant industry professionals and insiders as well as your current community to create a large network and develop a presence on In
  • Interact with your network, comment and send likes to generate traffic to your own Instagram page through your networks message feeds. Join influencers in your events field to create brand awareness by orienting with the correct people on instagram and direct followers to find your event.
  • Pair your images or videos with the captions in a very effective way. Execute your knowledge into your posts with strong quotes or statistics backed by strong visuals or pictures.
  • Focus on making engaging content that is shareable. Share your posts across other platforms – use the share tool to reach your audience on other channels, and a wider audience by sharing to Twitter and Facebook.

Remember to hire an  instagram marketing Singapore agency to get the most from your efforts.