Things to Ask before Hiring SEO Company in Singapore


Things to Ask Your SEO Company before Hiring Them

June 26,2019

By now you probably know how important SEO is for your website. It can help you generate more leads and sales. While you can do it on you own, it’s not going to be easy and you have to study how it works. That can you take you months or even years to accomplish. So as to not lose any opportunity, it is recommended that you hire the expertise of the best SEO Company in Singapore.

But how can you pick one? Worry no more because we will give you a quick list of what to ask when looking for an SEO company.

  • What SEO strategies are you going to use for our website?

Remember that you can only get results with a streamlined SEO strategy. To begin with, they should be able to offer you a technical SEO audit to determine areas for improvement in your website. After that, they will also identify the best keywords to use. In addition, most good SEO companies offer writing services. You should also consider this given that search engines are ranking websites with quality content.

  • How will you communicate all the website changes?

If you are going to work with an SEO company, this question is crucial. You have to know how they will communicate all their activities and progress. Most companies provide regular reports. Some are monthly and others are more frequent.

It is important that you trust the SEO Company that you are going to work with. This is because it is necessary that you give them a partial access to your website. Now, if there are changes that they have to do, these have to be included in the report as well. This is so you can track the progress or go back to these changes whenever your website encounters problems.

If the SEO Company could not provide you reports, that’s a clear red flag.

We also recommend that you assign an in-house project manager to work with the SEO Company in Singapore. This will make the communication faster and more streamlined instead of having multiple persons to talk to.

  • Can you please show us your portfolio of your past and active clients?

Obviously, knowing their pool of clients is essential to gauge if the SEO company delivers. You should also probe the duration of their contract with their clients. The longer it is, the better. It clearly shows that other businesses trust and have already proven and tested their services.

  • Do you use pure link building tools like Xrumer?

If they say yes, you might want to think twice about getting their services. Remember that most link building tools are more often used to spam blogs. This can lead to penalties which you should avoid. However, there are a lot of legitimate SEO tools that can be used to improve a website. Thus, do not be afraid to ask for further details. It will also help you if do a bit of research whenever they mention the tools that they are using. You have to be assured that they are not providing band-aid solutions or shortcuts. Always work with a company that gives you a long term solution.

As business or website owners, you don’t have to rush things. Interview a number of SEO companies and make a checklist. Do your research, and get serious with this project. We guarantee you, it can boost your sales.