Things to look when finding a Social Media Company in Singapore

November 16,2017

A good social media company provides specific services in order to run online marketing campaigns. But, what are the services that a business owner expect when hiring a social media company in Singapore? Below are few points that outline key activities in social media that will lead to more sales and prospects.

Setting up Social Media Business Accounts:

Just having a personal page on Facebook is not enough to promote a company. Developing up a business page is just the initial step in embracing social networking as a source of leads and sales. Companies should set-up a Facebook page on the company name and assign a person to manage this page. A business page on LinkedIn as well as a Twitter business account should be established.

Regular Posting:

When content is posted on a social networking business page, it automatically gives the business added exposure on the search engines and within the social networking community as well. A social media company should offer a weekly plan for posting to accounts. If the motive is to drive more traffic to the website, then links directed to the website should be posted. Content should be reviewed by the business owners before posting.

Increase Contacts and Friends:

Friend seeding is actually encouraged by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A social media company will find friends, contacts, and followers for the business page. The company should also increase the usage of Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter ‘Follow’ icons on the company website so people can connect to the business page. A social media company should carry on cultivating new friends and contacts throughout the campaign.

Hence, a social media company can and should provide all of these services listed above.