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Three Main Products of Search Engine Marketing

April 27,2022

Search engine marketing is an activity aimed at improving the visibility of the website over the internet. With virtual competition becoming one of the major aspects related to any business, companies these days have started investing in search engine optimization and search engine marketing to have an edge over the competitors. This Trend can be seen at an escalated level in Megacities like Singapore. Search engine marketing companies in Singapore have become quite popular among the corporate houses when it comes to Outsourcing their functions related to search engine marketing for the client company.

These search engine marketing companies in Singapore mainly provide three main search engine marketing products to the client companies. The same are listed below:

  1. Pay per click: This is the first product of search engine marketing through which the client company’s content is displayed in the search results. In technical terms, a paper click is a form of online advertisement over Google. The advertisers pay the company for every click which is done on the advertisement which is shown in the sponsored search result. Keywords or phrases related to the client company’s product or services are used to display these advertisements, also the client company can precisely target any geographical location for its specific market through the same.
  2. Local Search Engine Optimisation: This is the second product of search engine marketing through which the client companies can quickly start showing up in the search result. In simple words, the local search optimization service provided by the search engine marketing companies in Singapore helps the client company’s business listing to be shown on the Google map. The client company can see the results of the same in 1-8 months and also start with online reviews and citations for their services over the local Google Map.
  3. Organic Search Engine Optimisation: This third type of service provided by the search engine marketing companies in Singapore to the client companies influences the latter’s ability to achieve or rank on page 1 when it comes to search results for the viewers. Unlike the Local Search Engine Optimisation service, the organic Search Engine Optimisation allows the client companies website to be displayed apart from the local search, and the client company can save the results for the same within 4 to 6 months. Many factors need to be worked upon by these search engine marketing companies in Singapore when it comes to organic Search Engine Optimisation like websites architecture, content, backlinks, and others. Organic search results earn the most clicks for the client company and the results grow over time.