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Tips for Improved Performance in a Google Core Web Vitals

August 30,2021

If you are a business owner or a social media marketer, your eyes are always glued on the media optimization, Core Web vitals, SEP strategy, page rankings and page speed. In todays’ social media marketing space, the speed of loading the web page matters a lot. It primarily determines how many visitors are going to stay on your page and read it. In a study, it was found that people hop on the next website if the website page doesn’t load for 3 seconds. About 40% of traffic is diverted due to this reason. Another such study says that about only 47% of the website have a page speed of more than 2.5 seconds, that means rest all are at par and need improvement.

For this matter, Google devised CWV’s or Core Web Vitals along with HTTP encryption, UX- related search signals, etc. to provide the SEO page rankings. Let’s see, what are the different ways social media marketing agencies in Singapore use to improve the Performance in Google Core Web Vitals. The case in discussion is of Incepte, the Digital Marketing Company operating from Singapore.

  1. Speed up visual load time by preloading the key resources: this includes finding the LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) element from Chrome DevTools > Performance Tab> waterfall charts. It displays the visual progress of loading the page. Once you know this the visual load time can be improved.
  2. Minimize long tasks to optimize main thread activity: Measure second Core Web Vitals metric, First Input Delay (FID). This delay is mainly due to long tasks. JavaScript Code pieces, tend to block the main thread for a long. The page freezes and doesn’t respond.
  3. Reserved space for embeds and images to load quickly: Leads to poor UX. Mainly characterized when the user clicks on a page, it suddenly moves and accidentally another page gets clicked. Reserving enough space for the images and embeds to load can check this.

There are many other reasons and remedies. These being the most prominent ones. Even though we may know them, they can best be de-bugged by experts like Incepte, a leading social media marketing agency in Singapore. They have specialized professionals to create a perfect strategy and execute it. If you have a website or if it is under development, it is advisable to hire Incepte’s SEO Services in Singapore. Reach them at the earliest and multiply your business many folds.